Result-Oriented VS Process-Oriented Approaches, Industry Today

March 13, 2019

Technology is developing at such a rapid pace that it seems that the time is not far off when the internet of things infrastructure in the world and the latest robot technology will replace all human endeavor. But until that time comes the only way to increase productivity and efficiency in manufacturing or business is by applying meticulous management techniques. We will identify, compare and contrast the two different approaches and their benefits. To begin this analysis, we will investigate how the two approaches differ when confronted with a problem in the workplace.

Process-Oriented Personality Characteristics

The process-oriented individual is the perfectionist who is keen on verifying that they have completed each step of the process according to the instructions. When confronted with material handling equipment they seek out the policies and procedures of how to handle that equipment rather than making up their own rules. They understand that compliance can drive growth taking care to follow the precautions advised for each step of the process. These are the people who are interested in every single plant within the garden rather than being the FreeEssayWriter of their own island.

Careers Associated with Process-Oriented Individuals

The following is a list of occupations for the process-oriented individual. This is not a comprehensive list.

  1. Air Travel
  2. Specialty Chef
  3. Government Organizations
  4. Banking
  5. Teaching
  6. Medicine
  7. Skilled Workers: For example, construction training experts, electrical mechanics, dentists, carpenters, opticians, lab technicians, and IT security specialists.

A practical application of a process-oriented career is the flight attendant in an aircraft. The air hostess must apply all the different safety and customary protocols dictated for air travel while keeping in mind the comfort of all the passengers. Every single passenger must be satisfied. The aircraft may have a different destination every time, but it is the same routine over and over again. Success for such individuals hinges on how close they can get to perfection or how renowned they become in their field. For example, a chef may have the distribution management of the best seafood, which no one can duplicate.

Result-oriented people are the ones who have a clearer view of the forest rather than consideration for and every plant in it. These are the people who have a distinct drive towards their career, and they know where they want to be in say 5 years from now or 10 years. Result-oriented individuals may not know specifically what they will be doing tomorrow, but they have a definite sense of direction which realigns them to their short-term and long-term goals. Their friends and family members may not be able to fathom the risks that these people take every day.

Careers Associated with Result-Oriented Professionals

People pursuing a career in sales are a part of goal-oriented people. This classification is so diverse that it’s hard to say exactly which professions are included in them. Goal-oriented individuals might be working as an author at MHR writer just to make ends meet. These same sales representatives will slowly but surely rise to the top of the corporate ladder and become the success story everybody reads about. Being a result-oriented professional is not everyone’s piece of cake, the competition is cut-throat and no room for sympathy, remorse or regret. It takes hardcore determination to dream, believe and accomplish in reality all that you aspired to be. Here is a list of 21 billionaires who started with nothing. Today being goal-oriented or result-oriented is among one of the most overused phrases on a resume. With sheer dedication and commitment to their aspirations, they achieve those goals and much more.

Career Inspirations for Workforce Entrants

Each one of us is born into this world with a unique set of special skills that only we can reap the benefits of. Some people may not be exceptionally social, but they will definitely have some other capability to make up for the lack of socialization. Try to apply your skills and knowledge into something which you consider enjoyable yet challenging. Acquire expertise in a specific profession but at the same time avoid trying to categorize your career into a single box in the long run. There will be good times, and there will be times which you wish were over sooner rather than later. Take the career quiz to determine your unique set of skills and qualifications for the job market. Believe in yourself and never let anyone belittle your conscience no matter how influential or powerful they may be.

Result-Oriented VS Process-Oriented Approaches, Industry Today

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