Incorporating the latest in Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) design and technology, the Bell E-series Large Truck range strengthens the company’s position as a global ADT specialist by presenting an evolution on the D-series range, which has set industry standards and led ADT innovations for over a decade.

The five large truck models — the B35E, B40E, B45E, B50E and the unique 4×4 crossover B60E — were introduced at the end of 2016 following the culmination of three and a half years of development and testing. They effectively complete the E-series range, which was launched four years ago with the smaller B25E and B30E trucks.

As a global ADT specialist, Bell has the largest range of trucks on the market and is recognized as a world leader and innovator for the ground breaking technological advancements that it has pioneered over the past three decades.

Bell innovations are designed to improve safety and productivity on job sites and include HillAssist, Safe Tip, Turbo Spin Protection, On Board Weighing and Auto Park Application, all of which are standard on Bell trucks. Linked to productivity is Bell Fleetm@tic, a satellite fleet management system that provides Bell customers with full productivity, utilization and machine condition data.

The group’s evolutionary approach to design for the E-series upgrade relied heavily on concepts that have been proven over the 15 years that the D-series product has been operating on some of the harshest job sites. The E-series models are characterized by an increase in payload while the introduction of the new Mercedes Benz HDEP engine platform, renowned for efficiency and reliability, has brought about a useful increase in power while the seven gear ratios of the large trucks deliver better grade ability with reduced fuel consumption.

Bell is particularly buoyed with its 45-toner in light of increased global demand for this truck size. With its rated payload of 45 tons, a bin volume of 33 yards cubed and a powerful new engine, the B45E has the potential to become the most popular model in the range due to its overall value proposition to customers.

While the B60E has the same cab as the other models in the E-series range, the most visible differences are at the back end. The back axle is a dedicated 70t rigid truck and haulage axle from Kessler Germany and is in keeping with the Bell philosophy of selecting the best components and technology available on the market.

To achieve the 60-ton capacity, the bin is wider than a standard ADT and resembles a conventional rigid-type bin. Telescopic cylinders tuck under the bin to push it up in stages during the tipping process. The rear chassis and suspension are distinctly different from an ADT concept. A cradle supports the rear axle with struts being used to create shock absorption for a controlled ride. The B60E is well suited to hard ground applications, particularly mines and quarries with tight turns. These applications, don’t require the flotation of an ADT so the single rear axle can take the full load and deliver the benefits of having one less axle, no scuffing of tires and improved maneuverability.

Additionally, less maintenance of the site conditions at the load and dump site, normally required to prevent rigid trucks from getting stuck, would also deliver significant savings to a customer. The fact that the machine has four-wheel drive and the ability, through the incorporation of an independent front and rear chassis, to keep the wheels on the ground, is a huge advantage for just about any high production application. The B60E has a similar look and footprint to a 60t rigid dump truck, which means Bell trucks can be run seamlessly alongside fleets of rigid trucks to provide fleet owners greater flexibility. “Both types of trucks share the same wheel track width and have similar bin heights. The main difference is in the everyday productivity and versatility of the truck. The tighter turner circle of the B60 and the truck’s ability to negotiate steeper ramps are also significant advantages over rigid trucks.

About Bell Equipment
Bell Equipment is a major South African designer, manufacturer and distributor of heavy equipment. Bell ADTs, the group’s core product, are exported worldwide from the group’s two manufacturing plants in South Africa and Germany. Bell Trucks America is the appointed distributor of Bell ADTs in North America and is supported by Bell Equipment North America, Bell Equipment’s own company, established to support the distribution network and provide technical and after-sales support across the region.

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