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August 21, 2023 BioVate Hygienics Recruits Four New Experienced Staff

BioVate Hygienics, a UK provider of innovative hygiene solutions, has announced the addition of four qualified professionals to its team.

The new members – Graham Peace, Spencer Berry, Jon Chomicz and Sammy Riggins – join BioVate Hygienics in key positions, further strengthening the company’s capabilities and supporting its continued expansion.

THE FAB FOUR: (left to right) The new recruits at Biovate Hygienics are Spencer Berry, Sammy Riggins, Jon Chomicz and Graham Peace.
THE FAB FOUR: (left to right) The new recruits at Biovate Hygienics are Spencer Berry, Sammy Riggins, Jon Chomicz and Graham Peace.

Strategic Operations Manager, Graham Peace, will play a pivotal role in the continued scale up of the business, developing and streamlining internal processes, improving productivity, and enhancing overall operational performance. His wealth of experience in the hygiene industry will be instrumental in driving operational excellence, aligning departments, and implementing best practice.

Spencer Berry has assumed the role of Engineering Coordinator, bringing his extensive experience in engineering project management to the team. With his strong background in overseeing complex engineering initiatives, Spencer will play a vital role in enhancing BioVate Hygienics as industry leading when it comes to equipment installation processes and optimising installation efficiently.

Jon Chomicz joins BioVate Hygienics – based near Towcester in Northamptonshire – as the Technical Sales Manager for the Southwest region. Jon possesses a wealth of experience in both the engineering process and technical sales, having previously worked with organisations in the hygiene and sanitation industry. In his new role, Jon will be responsible for driving sales growth, fostering strong relationships with customers, and working closely with our distribution partners, to support their sales efforts.

Sammy Riggins, an accomplished professional with a track record of success in the hygiene sector, takes on the role of Technical Sales Manager for Scotland. Sammy brings a deep understanding of the market north of the border and an extensive network of industry contacts, which will enable BioVate Hygienics to further establish its presence and deliver tailored solutions to customers in the region.

“BioVate Hygienics has been thrilled to welcome so many colleagues to our team over the last quarter, to support our continued rapid growth. ,” said Nick Winstone, Co-Founder and MD at BioVate Hygienics. “As our business expands, it is imperative to acquire highly experienced individuals who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the table. We are confident that their addition to our team will enhance our capabilities, enable us to better serve our customers, and position us for continued success.”

The new team members will be integrated into BioVate Hygienics to leverage their skills and experiences in developing and delivering innovative hygiene solutions. With their combined expertise, BioVate Hygienics aims to further solidify its position in the biological hygiene industry while continuing to provide exceptional products and services to its suppliers.


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