A review of 10 brands that used multichannel marketing to increase their sales.

Consumers are the ones who allow the growth of a particular brand and companies use all the means at their disposal to offer them quality products at the best price. For that, they need each potential buyer to know in advance the benefits of the product they wish to purchase, which has been used for the rapid growth of prestigious brands in the market.

In this post we offer you a review of 10 brands that used multichannel marketing to increase their sales, so that you can learn important aspects about them and how they have benefited from the technology available within the wide platforms offered online, in addition to many other means of communication.

What is multichannel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is a means through which customers can be in contact with retailers or suppliers, using different services where they can place their orders.

With this type of marketing, several sales channels are offered, which have the purpose of attracting the largest number of customers, both physically and online commercially.

An ally in this sense is Manage inventory across multiple channels, since it allows you to properly manage your inventory data, while taking advantage of all the benefits of using multiple channels.

When a company offers the sale of its products in multiple channels, it has more opportunities that their items being acquired, as is the case with some of the brands that are presented below.

Brands that grew thanks to multichannel marketing

It has been proven through statistics that the management of multi-channel strategies allows the increase in sales and consequently the growth of the prestige of a brand worldwide, as the following companies:

Disney Parks

The multi-channel strategy is part of all Disney websites. For example, if you ever book a trip with them, you have the opportunity to use their tool identified as My Disney Experience, there you can plan your entire itinerary. In addition to locating attractions and all the elements associated with the brand.


This brand has created a fusion between its offline and digital world, while using the benefits of NFC technology so that information can be easily exchanged via mobile. With this, your customers save time and make many of their purchases with the greatest possible comfort.


It is a company that has managed to increase its sales through a multi-channel strategy, applied online to handle all its orders. It has mobile applications that provide its customers with wide coverage and quick access to place their orders, from anywhere in the world.

Rebecca Minkoff

Within the world of fashion, the Rebecca Minkoff brand has stood out, its prestige was achieved thanks to multichannel marketing despite being a practically new product on the market, as it has risen rapidly due to its digital platforms and offline technologies at the online market level.


Starbucks manages an extensive marketing campaign where it offers rewards to its future buyers, as the free and easy recharging cards by phone, on its platform, application or directly in stores. All this is part of its multichannel technology, for the benefit of its customers and to increase its number of sales.


If you are one of Apple’s clients, you will know that they offer services in real time, with the purchase of their products.

They use your preferences to manage their applications or software lists in a personalized way, recommending you their new releases that are part of their multichannel marketing strategies, which logically has positioned them very well throughout the world.

Calvin Klein

The Calvin Klein brand has launched an exclusive collection in association with some online and offline stores, which is part of its multi-channel marketing.

With this they seek to avoid department stores and offer direct service to the consumer, since they are the one who purchases their products and consequently increases their sales.


This company provides its users with services through which they can accurately identify their audiovisual content, working as an application for Apple, which allows them to provide recommendations to their customers and enjoy all the multiple access applications that they offer.

Crate & Barrel

This brand has increased its sales by taking advantage of the benefits of multichannel marketing, offering its customers a cart inside which they store their products on the platform and which they can later access from any device with an internet connection.

Steven Madden

Sales growth in the case of this company has been handled differently within its multi-channel marketing strategy. They offer better segmented experiences, so that the data faithfully matches the entire purchase process.

In this way, they divide the type of potential client to carry out a personalized communication with each one of them in a specific way.

As you may have noticed, the multichannel marketing strategy can be handled in different ways, but the result it’s always the same: increase the sales of a brand or product, either offline or online.

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