How sales order automation can keep you resilient and agile. Now is the moment to make the shift from a traditional to a modern approach.

Automate sales order processing with 100% accuracy, and free up time for your customer service team

Supply chains are experiencing major disruption. Automating your sales order management is a powerful way to offset the disruption.

Slow, manual processing sees customer service representatives waste hundreds of hours a month. For the first time, the cognitive processing required for handling complex business logic can be automated – supercharging productivity.

With Conexiom Sales Order Automation, you achieve:

  1. 100% accuracy. Even the most complex process orders are handled flawlessly by AI-powered technology.
  2. Touchless processing. With sales order automation, the process of turning purchase orders into sales orders needs zero human intervention.

Sales order management is a key business process. It’s too important to be slowed down by manual processes. When you automate this part of your business, your teams can do more with less. As competitors scramble to process orders, you free up your CSRs to focus on high quality customer service interactions.

Sales Order Automation has a rapid time to value. It is up and running in less than 30 days, with no burden to IT.

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