January 16, 2020

It’s time to fly, you’ve packed your bags and booked everything you needed for this all-important trip that the future of your company depends on. It can feel stressful when you put it like that but it doesn’t need to be, business travel can be an almost enjoyable experience if you plan and do a few things to make sure your head is in the right space before you get on that plane or in that car;

  1. Pack extra cords, packs and chargers, this seems like something that you would do anyway but when you’re putting everything in that tiny carry-on bag it might just slip your mind. Of course, most power banks can’t be taken on the flight with you but in the car they can be incredibly useful for someone like you who has to plan meeting after meeting.
  2. Use the time wisely, if you know you have a long flight plan it out for yourself, when you might answer emails or finish a proposal, maybe even when you might take the time on the flight to switch off everything and think about the journey ahead, get everything settled in your mind so when you get to the meeting you are clear and sharp.
  3. Stick with the routine, if you run in the morning then take some gear with you, if you eat healthy then continue to. This tip is around a lot but it’s definitely one of the most important. You will not regret keeping up with your routine.
  4. Lay down the law for yourself, if there’s a drinks the night before you go away maybe skip them. If there’s an important dinner at your destination, then just have mineral water. Gone are the days where having a drink is the utmost important thing in business, now is the time to be the bright shining person that you wish to be and still be on the dancefloor with the clients just sipping on water rather than vodka.
  5. Book well in advance, there are so many factors to the trip that you have to have under wraps but one of them doesn’t need to be extra fees. Use sights like Kayak or Skyscanner.net to get great comparisons for flights and hotels but when it comes to car hire make sure you use enjoycarhire.com they operate in almost every country and have a fair fuel policy that protects the driver against having to pay excessive fuel charges.

Remember that the reason you are travelling for business is because you need to and you can, not because someone is making you, it is a privilege to go around making connections for the company and yourself so do it with pride and calm.

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