January 3, 2019

Are you one of those rare souls who has started to think about the environment and made the switch to using solar electricity? If yes, then you should also consider using a solar fence charger. It is a convenient device when you’re out in the open and need solar energy for a long time. It will deliver the energy on a low impedance fence, and the highest distance it can cover is 30 miles. So, you can understand how vital this charger can be for your fence. Here are some of the best features that you should look for while buying the charger:

  • Flexible – you can put the solar fence anywhere on the field you want. If there are acres of land available and you want to move the solar fence to a place that gets maximum sunlight, then the solar fence charger should be flexible enough so that you can move it along with the fence. Moreover, if the charger can move to alternate paddocks, make sure you buy that model as it provides you with immense flexibility.
  • Maximum battery life – when solar fence chargers are charged to their fullest extent, they can energize the fence for as long as two weeks. Try to buy a solar fence charger that comes with a solid battery life. These charges will come in handy when the monsoon or winter season is in full swing.
  • Quality standards – any solar fence charger that you buy should have a CSA or U/L listing. It means that the charger has passed the Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters Laboratories quality standards. If you find a charger that has both of these listings, then you can be assured that the charger has passed the quality inspection according to the industry standards.
  • Performance meter – every solar fence charger should have a performance meter that will indicate that the charger is working to the best of its abilities. The fence may not work properly sometimes, and the performance meter will immediately indicate the working of the fence. It will help to troubleshoot the problem quickly so that the fence becomes operational promptly.
  • Suitable for temporary and permanent fences – the charger should not be dependent on what kind of fence you are using. The fence can be either permanent or temporary. Temporary fences are often used in auctions, fairs, or road shows of horses, and you will need the charger in such situations. Ideally, the charger should have a temporary pen feature so that you can set up the charger quickly.

Once you find a suitable charger for your solar fence, you need to ground it properly to make sure that it is safe to use. Moreover, it will improve both the functions and performance level of the charger. Also, you need to keep a distance of the charger from the utility ground system. It should be at a minimum distance of 50 feet from the utility ground to ensure full performance at peak hours.

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