Things to consider before you buy your next paid of waterproof safety shoes.

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Does your day job involve dodging puddles of water on a slippery floor? Or perhaps you work outdoors where you need to be prepared for all sorts of wet weather? Whatever the case may be, there’s a reason you’re in need of waterproof safety shoes. However, when shopping for them, do you know where to begin? What makes one style or brand better than another? Let’s take a look at several considerations you should make before purchasing your next pair of waterproof safety shoes.

1. How Much Do They Weigh?

When buying waterproof safety shoes, weight isn’t one of the first things that people think about, but it should be. Does your job consist of walking a lot or moving around excessively? If so, the weight of your shoes is especially important. Having a lot of extra weight in your shoes can really wear you out over time. This is also why, if you aren’t particularly concerned about toe protection, steel-toed shoes aren’t always the most ideal selection. Having lightweight waterproof boots for work would be a much better option for you.

2. Do They Have The Safety Features You Need?

In regards to buying waterproof safety shoes, there are many different safety features to consider. These may include slip resistance, toe protection, and electrical hazard protection, for instance. Another situation would be walking on uneven ground, where ankle support would be required. Before purchasing a pair of waterproof safety shoes, it would be a good idea to think about what specific tasks you will be performing in your job, and what safety risks or hazards they may entail. Only after you examine your specific job requirements can you choose the right safety features in your waterproof safety shoes.

3. Are You Going For Style Or Comfort?

Logically, since your waterproof safety shoes are for work, comfort should dominate over style. However, there are so many different manufacturers out there, so you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Waterproof safety shoes can be purchased in many styles to suit your personal tastes, which include full boot, athletic, and dress styles. Since you will be wearing them for so many hours of the day, it’s important to select an option that feels totally comfortable on your feet. Here are some considerations to make to ensure optimum comfort:

  • Your toes should not reach the end of the shoes
  • Make sure to walk around with them on to ensure they fit properly
  • Wear quality socks when trying on your shoes
  • Safety should always come first; comfort, second; and style, third

4. Are They Breathable?

The primary function of waterproof safety shoes is for them to provide you with the protection you need at your job. However, it’s almost as important as how breathable they are. This is one aspect often overlooked in regards to comfort. This is particularly important if you work in an environment that stays very hot. If your feet can’t breathe, they will feel sweaty and uncomfortable. This will then cause your shoes to become smelly.

5. Are They Well-Insulated?

On the opposite side of the coin, it’s also important to check if your waterproof shoes are properly-insulated. This particularly applies to people who work in cold environments. People who work in cold climates most definitely need to have insulated waterproof safety shoes in order to perform their job comfortably and effectively. It’s commonly known that when feet become too cold, it makes every job harder than it needs to be. Having a well-insulated waterproof safety shoe will keep you warm and healthy.

6. Superior Weatherproofing

Make sure that your safety shoes are truly 100% waterproof, and not just “water-resistant.” This is especially important when your job entails working outside in the elements, where water can seep in. Weatherproofing involves selecting safety shoes with waterproof uppers and insulation. If water and cold seeps in, your feet become uncomfortable and you can get sick. Safety shoes that are weatherproof help prevent the buildup of fungus, mold, and bad foot odors.

7. Durability

Consider this: You spend a large amount of time working, from early in the morning to late in the evening. Your work shoes are worn every day, often in brutal environmental conditions. For these reasons, it’s important to select waterproof safety shoes that offer the utmost in durability. To make sure that your safety shoes will last, choose a well-known brand that has a good reputation for having workwear that will stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

Waterproof safety shoes are not particularly cheap, but you know how the old adage goes: you get what you pay for. When it comes to your safety and comfort, avoid purchasing an off-brand just because it’s cheaper than the rest. Your feet will thank you for purchasing a quality product with the exact features you need.

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