Politico’s Failed Takedown of Trump’s Auto Jobs Policies

A recent article’s treatment of the Lordstown decision and the broader Trump auto industry record is thoroughly misleading.

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Common Causes of Workplace Stress

Manufacturing is one of the least stressful sectors in the UK.

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Challenges Born from Automation Implementation

As the cost and speed to develop robotic automation advances, manufacturers will see a greater adoption of human-centric business processes.

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AI Benefitting Young Professionals

Recently, Gartner came up with a report that estimates AI to eliminate 1.8 million monotonous jobs and create an extra 2.3 million jobs.

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Digital Third Coast

Best Cities for Manufacturing Jobs

Analysis of 236 cities identified the best metro-areas where the US manufacturing sector is thriving.

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Academist Help

Awareness About Result-Oriented VS Process-Oriented Approaches

Comprehensive comparison of process-oriented vs. result-oriented approach towards career success to help aspirants decide their chosen path.

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Ogletree Deakins

DOL Proposes New Overtime Rule (Again)

Raises or reclassifications? Proposed federal rule would increase minimum weekly salary for exempt status to $679 per workweek.

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The Manufacturing Institute

The Workforce Crisis in Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing industry continues to grow, and many manufacturers are investing and hiring at a rapid clip.

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How Construction Workers Can Relax

Construction is a challenging industry, so taking note of the following relaxation tips is crucial.

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Orange Gate

HR Leading the Way With Robots

Forward-thinking HR leaders embrace robot co-workers to attract top talent and to support dialogue on AI and future of work initiatives.

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Adding Value Through Databases

Good leadership works as a foundation for a company. Based on this foundation, a business moves step by step towards optimal success factors.

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What To Do If A Colleague Steals Your Ideas

There are several reasons a colleague may try to steal your ideas. Here are some options for justice in such a complicated area.

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