Compliance with New Small Drone Rules is only One Aspect of Robust Risk Management Program for Commercial Drone Operations

On June 21, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) released the much-anticipated final rules for commercial use of small (under 55 pounds) unmanned aircraft systems (“sUAS” or “drones”). Compliance with the new rules is critical for commercial drone operations, but…

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Robotic Automation: The Solution to the Changing e-Commerce Market

With projected billion and trillion dollar revenues up for grabs, retailers turn to Cimcorp for automation solutions to manage the distribution challenges with e-commerce to give them the competitive edge.

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Coca-Cola Canada Leverages Workforce to Drive Engagement and Innovation

Engaged employees are the lifeblood of a successful organization. The energy and vitality that they bring to their day to-day roles help strengthen their workplace and better position it for the future.

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3D Printing

3D Printing Starting to Take Off Across Manufacturing Value Chains

The potential of 3D printing in manufacturing is starting to move beyond the testing phase.

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Many Manufacturers not Prepared to Harness Benefits of Digital Technologies Despite Plans to Invest Heavily in AI and Related Technologies

Automotive and industrial equipment companies could spend up to €220 billion in R&D over next five years to create a connected industrial workforce.

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Ernst & Young LLP

Surveillance and Behavior Analytics is Becoming Mainstream in Stemming Insider Risks

Today’s rapidly growing digital world has driven new risks in the form of internal threats that could have an adverse financial and reputational impact on an organization.

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IDC Manufacturing Insights

A New Wave of Robotics is Set to Transform Manufacturing

Robotics has played a significant role in shaping the manufacturing environment for decades. Yet the impact of robotics in manufacturing has traditionally been directed at industrial manufacturing (think automotive manufacturing).

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Consequences of Using Non-Frozen Delivery Systems Putting Biopharmaceutical Cargo at Risk

Patient access to medicines is a key objective of the pharmaceutical industry with significant resources devoted to supply chain management and patient safety.

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CRM Brings Better Communication and Data Management to Manufacturing

How many different companies and people play a role or have a stake in your supply chain? Customers, suppliers, employees, partners, the list goes on, and it gets more difficult to manage each of these relationships each day.

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LIFT Leads Partnership to Innovate Titanium in Aerospace

Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow (LIFT) recently announced an exciting new aerospace project that will feature a three-way partnership between itself, The Ohio State University, and GE Aviation. Lawrence E. Brown, executive director of LIFT, sits down to talk about the…

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The Growing Role of Virtual Technology in U.S. Manufacturing

PwC recently compiled and released their 2015 PwC Disruptive Manufacturing Innovations Survey, a report documenting how virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the landscape of manufacturing in the United States.

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Cincom Systems

Chaos in the Channel:

How Managers Can Overcome Challenges to Build Successful Sales Channels

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