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When choosing a logistics provider you need to ensure they offer consistency of service.

July 23, 2019

Getting to choose the right logistics and warehouse service provider for your needs can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, it is something you need to carefully go for as shortcutting the process can go a long way to hinder the reputation and success of your services and company alike. The progression of your company might much depend on the logistics provider’s capacity.

So what can you do to avoid having potential logistics nightmares? First, you need to understand what logistics is?   In a business setting, logistics is defined as the management of the flow of things between the source point and the consumption point to meet up with the requirements of clients or corporations. Having understood that, you can now implement the five elements that would be great enough while choosing a perfect logistics provider.

1. Capabilities

Before anything else, you need to be sure that the prospective logistics provider is competent enough in the primary service areas regarding your company. A logistics provider might be right in one area and not necessarily high in the other, so you need to check properly if they can service your needs properly.

Even more, you need to be sure that the services the logistics provide offer can satisfy both your short-term and later requirements. You need to check to see if you want to relax every one of integration and onboard work while investing in a new relationship? If you can, it is advisable you go in more deeply to ask relative basic and complex questions such as;

Are the truckload lanes continuous and do they start from a particular limited range of shipping points and terminate at relative consignees’ number?

Are the shipments sensitive to time and also know if they do require drop trailers? An asset-based, mid-sized, carrier would handle every one of these needs correctly without flinging or minding their exceedingly large client’s base.

Is there any sporadic slot in the truck lanes? Do they have a live loading/unloading or do they have shipments originating in high numbers and terminating in top number receivers? If it is so, then, a third-party broker or provider might be what you want.

Would you need dedicated trucking assets and third-party logistics? A logistics and warehouse service provider that possesses both assets and a 3PL division is the best option you definitely should consider. But then, if logistics services provider is a too good to be a valid offer, then you need to be wary of such.

2. Customer Service

The next option we’d be considering how to go about choosing a logistics provider is how they prioritize customer service. Without mincing words, the responsiveness of communication in every business is essential and can be challenging to be sure of early enough. So you need to homework well.

Every company, irrespective of the service they offer claim to have an excellent customer service, but how do you know which is telling the truth? By asking their existing customers, check out for references from similar corporations and needs. You definitely wouldn’t miss the excellence in excellent customer service. It doesn’t happen by accident. It must be as a result of consistent buildup for some time.

3. Safety Record

Owing to the expansive safety regulations, it is important enough for you to choose a carrier that boasts of a strong safety record. Check their review of safety ratings and statistics and how well it matches with the public’s opinion.

4. Company Stability

Regardless of if your supply chain is basic or complex, you need to choose a logistics provider that is stable enough to cater to you at all times. With a top supplier, you can be sure of having consistent supplies. Rapid changes can thoroughly jeopardize the quality of supplies. So then, you need to check long the logistics companies have been in existence and how well their services have been.

Furthermore, in the case whereby there’s a high-liability event occurs that causes your provider not to be able to withstand the fallout, there is often a shift in the liability, which in one way or the other effects you, the shipper. But then, this can be avoided if the provider has a well-known name to protect.

5. Company Reputation

New business environments will, at one point or the other test the waters on a relationship with clients and internal staffs alike. This is the position where the leadership characteristics and qualities of the logistics and warehouse service provider are made known.

So before it becomes too late, take the time to investigate if the provider has what it takes to respond with go or an absolute integrity. With time, you’d be able to decipher if the firm is good enough for your company’s potential. You can, however, investigate them in the following ways;

  • How do they handle their employees and suppliers?
  • How active and positive are they within their very own community and beyond?
  • How do they rank online?
  • How much have they been in existence in the industry?

With answers to the above questions, you should be able to streamline what your chances will likely be with the logistics service provider in the industry…

About the Author:
Brian Obinna Obodeze is a content developer and co-manager at W45 Inc, with over six years of experience and a founding member of W45. He is also a trained technical writer and researcher well versed in developing and producing content along with editing, poofreading , layouts and formatting for publishing. He is currently writing for Lincoln Distribution and helping them in content collaboration as well.


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