May 10, 2019

How do you bring productivity in the mining operation? According to the McKinsey research, worldwide mining operation are as much as 28% less productive today than a decade ago. To remain competitive in the business being productive is a must.

The paper-based system has come to an end, and it creates an excessive cost that can be saved from an automated system. Moreover, companies are also seeking solutions that are cost saving but easy to deploy and keep competition up front in the market. No doubt a single dollar saving can bring massive difference for the company. CMMS a paperless system can optimize the mining operation. Here is how CMMS can bring the concept of the paperless mining operation.

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What is CMMS

CMMS is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software. This software is used to optimize the maintenance of the machine so that your machine never experience sudden shutdown. Some application of CMMS only comes with the desktop version; some even comes with a mobile app and web-based platform which creates an extra layer of flexibility in the usage of the app. CMMS with mobile application brings flexibility, real-time monitoring facility and on time updates that lead to prompt decision making.

CMMS Brings Paperless Work Order Management

Think about, how difficult it is to manage work order using a manual log book. One has to maintain a separate logbook for managing a distinct task. CMMS application eases the whole system. The app brings all the task in one place from where a user can assign work order, send work request, resolve issues and check update and so on. Even some application comes with a mobile app from which a user can manage work orders remotely.

Prompt Decision Making

Stop using a pile of papers, and a CMMS application brings all the information in one place. A mine operation personnel can check updates whenever they want and take decision promptly. In paper-based system decision making used to be lengthy as access to information tend to follow a lengthy process. CMMS makes it easy for all to get access to the recent update of the maintenance.

Never Miss A Schedule Maintenance

In the mining industry, the machine is the inevitable part of the business. Maintenance of those is essential. In paper-based system maintenance work can be delayed. CMMS application mine operational personnel can create schedule maintenance task, assign task and the application sends a notification immediately after the job has been created. Moreover, your maintenance work will get reminders notification so that they never miss schedule maintenance.

Data Accuracy

Paper-based maintenance reporting is prone to human errors. A computer-based application makes it easy to capture data, report accurately to the administration. CMMS will save you from sudden shut down of the machine and keep your work on the go. Moreover, you will get updated information all the time and keep track of your machine health data and take proper action based on it. In short, CMMS application will help you to keep all of your machine details, its equipment details, information about suppliers or vendors, efficiency levels, capacity, warranty details, operation manuals, notes, image, and documents.

CMMS Brings Paperless Inventory Management

Think about how difficult it would be when you have to manage your inventory manually. A CMMS can change the whole process and brings efficiency in your entire operation. Using a CMMS application, you can track all your lists. CMMS application comes with barcode scanning. As a result, you can quickly scan all the materials to get all your information. You can always keep track of the items that included or excluded from the inventory.

Digitalize Multiple Site Management

A mine business owner can have multiple fields that need to be managed simultaneously. A   system can hardly do it. One has to handle a pile of papers to manage the multiple site’s machines, keep track of the maintenance of their devices. CMMS renovate the whole process; this application enables a user to manage their multiple sites from a remote location. You can check all the detail of the machine located in your multiple sites. You can get an update of maintenance, scheduled maintenance, machine performance report, schedule inspection report and so on all from a single application. Moreover, some application comes with a mobile application which enables you to check the update on the go.

Sudden break down of your machine can cause huge loss to your business. Using paper-based system can be tiresome, unproductive and can’t give you updates whenever it is needed. Moreover, a paper-based system is prone to human error costly and creates a legacy system. Only an application can make your task efficient, fast and productive.

Paula Flynn
Digital Marketing Analyst of M2SYS Technology and blogger who loves to know and share the use, impact, and prospects of digital transformation.

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