Comica Audio, a leading professional broadcast level audio company, launched today the Comica Audio BoomX-D PRO mini 2.

Shenzhen, China — Comica Audio, a leading professional broadcast level audio company, launched today the Comica Audio BoomX-D PRO mini 2.4G dual-channel on-board recording wireless microphone with a long working distance of 100m (328 feet) specifically made for vloggers, Youtubers, cinematographers, and filmmakers. Based on the popular BoomX-D, the BoomX-D PRO boasts new professional features at a low price, including on-board recording with 8GB of internal Memory, an essential safety channel to record at -6dB, high speed transmission, and digital and analog output modes.

Perfect for Commercials, Movies/Documentaries, Video Shooting, Interviews, Weddings, and Live Video for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube

The BoomX-D Pro wireless mic provides high quality sound for a wide variety of diversified video applications, including daily video shooting, movies/documentaries, content creation, interviews, broadcasting, and live streaming for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. Mini-sized, portable, and available in white or black, the mic is universal for use with cameras, smartphones, and computers.


  • 2.4G digital dual-channel wireless microphone with global free frequency: mini-sized, portable, high-quality professional wireless microphone.
  • 48Khz/16Bit Audio Recording, Intelligent De-noise: high sampling rate for better pick up of high and low frequency audio signals and high sound reproduction.
  • Supports On-board Recording with 8GB Internal Memory: built-in 8GB memory for no   dropouts or audio issues – one button start and stop.
  • Supports High-speed Transmission and Copy: files can be transmitted via the transmitter’s USB-C interface.
  • Supports Digital and Analog Output Modes, Universal for Cameras, Smartphones, and Computers: automatically identifies device – compatibility with 3.5mm and USB interface devices.
  • Safety Channel for Ultimate Post-production Flexibility: records a second track at -6dB to avoid peak audio and invalid recordings.
  • Visual Power, Audio Dynamic Monitor, and Other Display Functions: clear and convenient, easy to monitor and ensure work status.
  • M/S Switch, Real-time Audio Monitor: choose different output modes according to the environment.
  • Two Input Modes for Internal and External Mic: flexible use with input modes for different environments.
  • RF Technology, Auto Frequency Adjustment, Stable Transmission: auto frequency adjusted for various situations.
  • Low Latency < 20ms -Working Range Up to 100m (Open Area): optimal transmission working range for smooth recordings.
  • Compact Design with Multi-function Belt Clip: portable and convenient.

Applications: shooting Commercials, Movies/Documentaries, Videos, Interviews, Weddings and Live Videos videos with cameras and smartphones.

Models Available:

  • BoomX-D PRO D2 (Black) = TX + TX + RX 
  • BoomX-D PRO D1 (Black) = TX + RX 
  • BoomX-D PRO D2 (White) = TX + TX + RX
  • BoomX-D PRO D1 (White) = TX + RX


  • Transmitter (TX)
Transmitter Specs Comica Audio, Industry Today
  • Receiver (RX):
Receiver Specs Comica Audio, Industry Today


The BoomX-D PRO D2 is available immediately in white or black with two transmitters and one receiver, priced at $269, available at B&H Photo at: and Amazon at: The BoomX-D PRO D1 (black or white) with one transmitter and one receiver will be available later this year, priced at $195. For more information, see

About Comica Audio
Founded in 2012, CoMica Technology Co., LTD (Comica Audio) is a leading professional broadcast level audio company at consumer prices. Comica Audio produces their own product R&D, manufacturing, and sales in-house with products including professional wired and wireless microphones, accessories, audio interfaces, and mixers. Comica Audio is one of the best known audio brands, with products sold worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, the Middle East; with all products awarded CE, ROHS certifications.  For more information, see the website:

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BoomX-D PRO D2 – black:
BoomX-D PRO D2 – white:
Belt Clip:
Packing List:

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