Tried and tested: standard hacks to prevent a commercial rooftop leak from ruining your life.

It’s almost always on a good day that you’re sipping tea on your couch and you notice something leaking. But it is summertime and you know that the damage is done. A roof leak, if not addressed immediately, is imminent and dangerous. If you have neglected your roof in some way and ignored signs of weathering, water stains, or physical damage, then you’re not alone. We recommend the following hacks to fix a commercial roof leak:

Hack #1- Clear Your Drainage

It is advisable to clean your drains for debris once every few months. Look at it as ordinary maintenance work. Puddle saturation can often result in a severe roof leak. The weather also impacts everything that gets collected in the gutters. Dried leaves, excessive water, waste, or any other scrap are also potential threats.

Hack #2- Make Regular Inspections

Instead of having a reason to investigate the leak in your roof, examine them regularly, and look for reasons. Insignificant issues that are not curbed at the beginning have the potential to turn into an expensive problem later on. It is possible to point out structural damage and prevent leaks in their nascent stage from developing into something serious.

Hack #3- Get Rid Of Scrap

The problem with debris like filth, leaves, branches, or soil is that they can get collected in rooftops over a short period. So if you are not paying attention to the cleaning and preservation of your rooftop, you might just miss some cracks and leaks because of the constant collecting of rubble or pools of water. An excessive amount of water causes moisture to develop on the roofs. This can result in mildew or bacteria. New roofs are particularly under a constant threat of becoming a battleground of rubbish and excessive water pools that collect and cause stubborn leaks.

Hack #4- Roof Openings Are More Dangerous Than They Look

A major cause of worry while dealing with a leak is the cracking of the pipes and holes that cause the leak in the first place. The seals of the roof penetrations should be the first place for you to start looking. Any sign of slight cuts or vesicles must be dealt with immediately. Depending on the design and architecture of the roof, most roof openings and pipes are susceptible to damage over a long period. Make sure you allocate time to review them thoroughly.

Hack #5- Don’t Let The Branches Branch Out

Leaks are also attributed to the clogging of gutters. This can happen due to unusual reasons. Depending on the season, branches, leaves, fruits, seeds, and flowers fall on roofs, causing either sparse or critical damage to a roof.

Hack #6- The Perimeter And Surface

While examining the edge of the roof, make sure you properly scrutinize if the flashing fits. For moisture and excess water, droplets to not find their way in, seal all gaps, punctures, scratches, and tears. The roof surface will reveal cracks in the outer membrane or around the roof seems. This is a warning sign of potential discomfort. Whether you have a flat-surfaced roof or a built-up roof, keep a watch for areas and missing gaps that are susceptible to leaks.


Regularly maintaining your roof is the best way to begin your exploration of a commercial roof leak repair. Usually, a small amount is also an investment in the long run but we highly recommend hiring a professional if you can afford one. Do check your roof for damage and follow the hacks we recommend. Let us know if you think your roof will live another day because of it!

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