Volume 11 | Issue 6 | Year 2008

When potential customers visit a Grupo Sadasi office, they are not only presented with a variety of housing options; they also are given a long list of credit possibilities. “We train our personnel well,” explains Jorge Solano. “We make sure they can give clients all of the information they need to finance a house.”
According to Solano, having qualified personnel that can offer reliable forms of credit to customers is an important issue in Mexico. In recent years, the country’s housing market has experienced significant growth. The boom has caused many new players to enter the housing market, and not all of them provide sound financing options.

“Having sellers with the right certifications and qualifications has become an essential aspect,” says Solano. “We provide solid, safe financing options for all of our customers, and they appreciate it.” With the company’s help, customers are able to find a plan that best suits their needs.

Since its beginning in 1975, Grupo Sadasi has worked hard to help potential homeowners turn their dreams into a reality. As part of its operations, the company oversees the entire building process, from purchasing and developing land to building and selling homes. It even has a post-sale program to ensure homeowners are surrounded with the conveniences they need in a new community.

Grupo Sadasi was first formed in 1975, and began constructing homes on a very small scale. It often built two or three homes at a time and then sold them. “The company started out like many other small businesses in the 1970s,” says Solano. “Its growth was slow and steady.”

During the next years, the company started focusing on larger developments. In some areas, it built 30 to 40 homes and then sold them. A few years later, it was developing neighborhoods with up to 100 homes. Then from 1981 to 1984, the company experienced a higher growth rate, building a residential area that consisted of 1,600 homes. From then on, Grupo Sadasi continued to grow and expand on a larger scale.

The company initially focused all of its efforts in Mexico City and the surrounding area. Shortly after the turn of the century, officials at Grupo Sadasi began exploring possibilities in other parts of Mexico. “When we started to build developments outside of Mexico City, the first place we went to was Cancún,” explains Solano. After having success there, the company moved into other metropolitan areas, including Puebla and Mérida. It recently expanded into Querétaro, a city located approximately 130 miles northwest of Mexico City.

In addition to building homes in new regions, Grupo Sadasi recently expanded its operations by partnering with another housing firm. In 2005, it acquired Pulte Homes México, which is now known as Altta Homes. This company originally began in 1999 and has built homes in various parts of the country. Between the two companies, Grupo Sadasi now has a well-established presence in 16 different cities in Mexico, as well as in other 11 states.

During its years of operations, Grupo Sadasi has built and sold more than 175,000 homes. Today, the company holds the top position in its industry in five metropolitan areas: Mexico City, Cancún, Puebla, Mérida and Querétaro. On a national level, the company ranks among the top five housing companies in the country.

Headquarters for Grupo Sadasi are located in Mexico City. The company also has branches in various parts of Mexico. It employs more than 500 workers. “The majority of our personnel work in offices located close to our housing developments,” notes Solano.

When Grupo Sadasi first began operations, it built homes based on one particular model. Today, however, its product line contains houses and apartments that span a wide range of sizes and prices. “When we started building in areas outside of Mexico City, our models really started to vary,” says Solano. Much of this was due to the different characteristics the company found in other regions, including larger lots in some places and smaller property limits in others.

Since it first began, Grupo Sadasi has worked to create affordable homes for the middle and lower class in Mexico. So when it began creating more housing models, the company continued to provide options for these market segments. “We looked for ways, in every instance, to build the best homes at the lowest costs,” Solano explains.

Today, the most basic home model comes with a parking space, living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom. Homes with one bedroom and an area of approximately 35 square meters sell for between $19,000 and $20,000 USD. Apartments with two bedrooms are sold at a price closer to $25,000. Homes with two to four bedrooms range in price from $30,000 to $40,000.

“The majority of our houses come with possibilities for adding on,” notes Solano. Models with one bedroom, for instance, often provide space for two or more bedrooms to be added. “This way, as the family grows, customers can choose to build on to their home as needed.”

While it continues to focus on homes for lower income families, the company has recently developed new styles for higher incomes. According to Solano, it now offers homes that have a price tag ranging between $100,000 USD and $200,000 USD. These models come with three to four bedrooms, patios, gardens, and various other features.

In each of its developments, Grupo Sadasi creates an environment that many homeowners find attractive. “We build developments that are close to schools, gyms, commercial centers, highways, and other conveniences,” says Solano. Many residential areas are set up as closed communities, making it possible for children to play outside providing extra security for families.

In addition to these benefits, the company places a special emphasis on the environment. It often builds its own water treatment plants for the housing developments it creates. It also has taken a number of steps to conserve water in its communities. These extra benefits have helped set the company apart from others in Mexico’s housing market.

Solano says, much of the company’s success is a result of its ability to handle capital well and respond to the different needs of the market. Throughout its 33 years in the industry, it has focused on solid growth in key areas. When it realized customers were looking for more options, it began designing new models to accommodate them.

Solano notes that the economy today is changing all over the world, including Mexico. While some companies, including Grupo Sadasi, have experienced a great deal of growth in recent years, the market may level off somewhat during the coming years. The company works closely with government programs that provide the credit needed to finance a home. Due to these ties, some of the company’s decisions in the near future will depend on the actions the Mexican government takes.

In spite of today’s market, officials at Grupo Sadasi predict continued growth during the coming years. They plan to continue establishing a presence in other areas of Mexico, including the cities of León and Monterrey. With 33 years of experience to build on, the company’s future is likely to be a solid one indeed.

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