November 13, 2019

They say that the best customers aren’t new ones, but the ones that keep coming back. And as a business it’s never been more important to focus on building a loyal customer base who will come back to you time and time again. It’s true that companies who spend more time trying to tempt and gain new customers rather than retaining the ones they already have, will always be swimming against the tide.

So, how is it possible to keep the customers you’ve already got? And how do you change a first time customer into an ambassador for your business? Read on for 5 ways to keep your customers coming back.

Focus on quality

When it comes to the customer experience, quality is king. Every stage and every aspect of the customers experience should be flawless. From a user friendly and error free website – you can find out more about proofreading services here – to processing the payment, processing the order and sending it out to the customer within the given time. If a customer experiences a difficulty at any stage then the likelihood of them coming back decreases each time.

Let them know they’re important to you

You know what they say: the customer is king. So, it’s important that you make them feel like royalty. You don’t have to throw a party in their honour, but sometimes it’s the little things that really make a difference. Whether it’s a hand written note in their order, a free gift or thanking them for their business via email. Gestures such as these ensure that you stick in the customers mind and the next time they’re looking for a particular product, so much so, they should come straight back to you.

Make communicating easy

A faceless company with no means of speaking to anyone about an issue isn’t exactly great for business. No one likes being on hold for hours hoping to speak to someone about a problem. So, give your customers a means of contacting you and encourage them to do so. Even if it’s with an issue. It doesn’t take much for customers to get frustrated and fed up – it’s their hard earned money afterall – so, make sure if they get in touch that you respond promptly and make them feel like the most important customer you’ve ever had! Even if customers don’t like a product, they might still return or recommend you to friends due to your diligence and communication prowess.

Make your services a little different

If your services or products come with a little extra “wow” factor, then chances are that your customer will want to experience that joy at least one more time! Whether your website is fun and full of great content, or your packaging is entertaining and trendy, inspiring the customer means that you’ll see them again!

Think ahead

Look at the big dates in the calendar: Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bank Holidays. Plan sales or events around these times or particular products and your customers will come to expect a good deal every time!

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