Brick and mortar business is still a hot favorite for customers even today.

Brick and mortar business is still a hot favourite for customers even today. Although online stores are getting popular day-by-day, customers haven’t really stopped buying from physical stores. So, both offline and online businesses have a strong foothold in the market. However, the marketing strategies for both online and offline differ and still offline marketing is a bit hard on the pocket.

So, due to this, many brick and mortar businesses restrict themselves to a specific region or areas when it comes to promoting their brand. Whereas online brands have the advantage of going global with them marketing campaigns. However, for an offline brand, it’s really important to reach the customers in the local areas (region-specific) because it’s a physical store where customers need to visit physically to make a purchase.

Many offline brands are only trying to reach through offline marketing strategies. But, it’s not only effective ways to reach their offline customers. Because today customers are shopping online as well as offline, so by sending them offline ads you are only restricting the reach of your brand.

So, wondering what you can do to expand your customer base and how you can reach them apart from offline marketing?

Have a look at these tips to improve your offline business through digital strategies.

Start a Blog

Content is a very inexpensive way of creating brand awareness. You may be an offline brand but by creating a company blog, you can spread a word your brand in the online space as well. Constantly updating your blogs with your products or new services, your brand will get more visibility. It will eventually help in expanding your customer base. Starting a blog about your offline store will help your customers know more about your store.

Be Active on Social Media

Today anybody and everybody are on social media platforms. In fact, many businesses thrive by advertising their brand on just social media pages. So, as an offline brand, you don’t have to shy away from social media. In fact, you should be active on social media profiles to promote your brand.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, will have more inflow of visitors and it gives your brand an online presence without really being an online store. So, ensure your brand’s social media pages are active and create an online presence of your brand.

Email Marketing

Being an offline store, you will have lots and lots of offline data. Use this offline data to target your customers. Yes, email marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies for your offline brand. Sending email campaigns constantly and with consistent messages help your offline business. So, be very active in sending email campaigns and it does aid in retargeting your customers.

CRM Onboarding

You don’t have an online presence or have a minimum presence? No worries, you can still target your customers online. Wondering how? Well, by onboarding your CRM data will help you bring your offline data online. What more? It will further allow you to segment your audience and target the same offline customers in the online environment. CRM onboarding is one of the most popular marketing tools for offline brands.

Identity Resolution

Were you thinking that identity resolution is only for offline brands? Well, not really! Offline brands can perform data onboarding and bring your offline data online. By doing so, you can leverage offline data to perform user matching and mapping.

It will give you a unified id through which you can target your offline customers wherever in the online space through online ads. So, you can promote your offline brand online in a cost-effective way.

Announce Offers and Discounts Both Offline and Online

You can’t target your offline ads to a niche audience. You can simply go with the spray and method. So, by displaying discounts and offers in your store or in the area which your store is located will definitely create interest. But, when you put these discounts and offers in the online platforms as well, there are chances of reaching more audiences.

Suppose you have put an advertisement on your brand’s social media page, then many of your customers who haven’t seen your offers in your store may come to your store after seeing the ad on the social media page.

Hence, using both offline and online advertising will help make your offline business more effective.


Thanks to digital marketing that today even the offline brands can make the most out of online strategies. And, that too without making a hole in your pockets. Yes, integrating online and offline marketing strategies adds as a bonus point for your business. It not only expands the inflow of your visitors but it will create a new online presence for your business. So that you don’t have to just rely on expensive offline marketing ads such TV ads, pamphlets, etc. instead you can allocate a small amount for online advertising. Thus, it helps you in the overall growth of your business.

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