LASIT is the brainchild of Marco Ievoli and Candida Colonna, who opened their first office near the Sorrento Coast.

Lasit Product, Industry Today

In just one year, they created Europe’s first 3-axis laser marking head.

Since 1990, LASIT have proved its value, standing out for its experience and expertise, even when the competition doubled.

They are manufacturers of laser marking systems in Europe that they customize their products as tailors do with clothes. For them, meeting the needs of customers it’s a pleasure because they have the ability to create and complete new and highly technological products, always finding new solutions.

Mechanical Customization

LASIT manufacture machines like a tailor sews a tailormade suit. LASIT people feel passionate and love of their job and every new request is treated as a unique opportunity to challenge the status quo.

Mechanical engineers are able to align the customers’ expectations with the designed project and are carefully trained to resolve to most complex obstacles. Integrated in-line or fully automatic systems, with its experience LASIT knows how to find the most economical solutions for its customers.

Software Customization

If you are looking for personalized software to match your production environment, then this is exactly what you can achieve at LASIT.

Customizing the software means reducing human dependency, reduction in cycle time per part and increase the overall use-age and efficiency of the machine. For this reason, LASIT has developed specific action protocols to manage even the most complex processes.

Research and Development

Anticipate market needs is LASIT favorite job. R&D department is at the core of LASIT, working on advancing of existing technology and innovations. By pro-actively investing resources LASIT is able to provide solutions that are changing the way in which customers produce their components.

LASIT believe in combining the experience of the most skilled engineers with the innovation of young and enterprising minds. This is why LASIT actively collaborate with universities and research centres: always getting the most out of every project.

Custom care

Selling is not the end of the journey, it is the beginning of a collaboration. Thanks to high technological specialization, LASIT provide customers with all the necessary tools and support.

With technology LASIT is able to provide accurate information and fast assistance. Thanks to a system of mobile and fixed cameras, LASIT can connect with our customers at any time, from all areas of the company.

It becomes so convenient and quick to talk to the managers of your project and see its progress in real time from all points of view.


LASIT started manufacturing laser marking heads. Today, LASIT design complete laser marking systems. In the future, our company will focus more on automation, providing integrated traceability solutions to meet the requirements of an ever-growing market oriented towards process automation and customer requirements.

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