August 28, 2019

Summer is around the corner. To stay cool during hot days, most children head for the nearest pool, pond, lake, or river. However, there’s an easier and more exciting way to stay cool. The backyard Slip ‘N Slide features a waterproof vinyl tarp that’s paired with flowing water to create an amazing water slide. Most backyard water slides often measure approximately 1 to 20 feet. If you intend to join your kids playing outside, you may want to get yourself a long water slide.

It only takes little creativity plus the right materials to build a unique backyard water slide. So, what are you still waiting for? Make the right decision today and use the following tips to get started.

Understanding the Slip ‘N Slide

WHAM-O is a family company that started with the creation of hula hoops and Frisbees. Later, in the year 191, the firm manufactured one of the world’s most popular summer toys- an exciting backyard water slide for kids.

The Slip and Slide measured 2-feet (length) by 3.33 feet (width) and featured small holes along its edges. The sheet of treated plastic also had a terminal that connected to a garden horse. Through the small holes, water was evenly sprayed out creating a slippery surface for those who dived onto it. Whether it’s set up on the flat or sloped ground, the Slip ‘ N Slide provides backyard fun during the summer season.

Why Build A Backyard Water Slide?

As of now, Slip ‘N Slide toys have advanced to include interesting pools, slides with archways, as well as wider slides which accommodate several people at once. Using a piece of durable tarp, it’s possible to design a custom backyard water slide that can perfectly suit your specific needs. You can make it broad enough that kids aren’t sliding off the edge. Make it long enough that it extends over 100 feet down a backyard slope. To achieve this, consider purchasing more than one slide and putting them together.

Backyard Slip and Slides: The Best Options

Are you ready to make your own backyard slide? Congratulations. All you need is to start by picking the right material. It should be waterproof, and highly durable. Vinyl polyester is perfectly suited for this purpose. You could utilize clear plastic, but it’s often less durable and won’t probably last more than one season. And you really don’t want that, right?

Spend a little more money and create a high-quality backyard slide that’ll last for decades. Vinyl-coated polyester tarps are creatively designed to resist abrasion as well as tears and offer excellent durability. They’re thick, waterproof, and highly resistant to mildew. Plus, the UV treatment safeguards the tarp against sun damage. What else would you be looking for?

The Bottom Line

When it comes to backyard slides, Vinyl-coated polyester tarps are the real deal. They’re long-lasting, efficient, and highly cost-effective. The Slip ‘N Slide has got so much to offer. They’re uniquely designed for the summer season. They provide an incredible platform for you and your children to stay cool during the hot weather.

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