June 11, 2019

There are many factors to consider when you are going to purchase your new electric bike. The motor is one of the most important ones of them. Based on the environment around you and your riding style, it is crucial to choose a motor that will be most suitable for your electric bike. I will let you know about the types of motors and their features so that men can find it easy to select the one which is best for them.

Types of Electric Bike Motors

There are mainly three types of motors available for electric bicycle men:

  • Geared hub motor: I am not talking about the gear used for shifting or changing speed here, these are the internal gears that are related to this motor. The geared hub motor is the most common motor seen on an electronic bike at present. I use a 750-watt bafang motor that spins five times for every rotation of the bike’s wheel. It assures you a better torque output to the wheel as the motor spins at a higher RPM. Moreover, it offers a one-way bearing inside, so, when you are not using it, you do not have to pedal to turn the motor over.
  • Direct drive hub motor: A direct drive hub motor is smaller and lighter than the geared hub motor, although the outer diameter of the direct drive hub motor is larger. The name refers to how it functions, as it is directly related to the rear wheel. When the wheel rotates once, the motor also rotates once. This motor is very commonly used for large applications that require high power, so it is ideal for the bikes with over 3000 watts. The direct drive hub motor is a great option for higher speeds, but it does not have as much torque as the geared hub motors. It also does not have the free-wheeling bearing inside, so the motor can be used to slow the bike due to its regenerative braking capability. A great feature of this motor is that it can save some power in the battery when you are slowing down the bike. I have seen people gaining up to 10%. Choose this motor if you want high speeds and live in an area with a flat surface.
  • Mid-drive motor: This motor is placed in the cranks of the bike. It turns the chain by turning the sprocket by the front. So, the power runs through various parts of the electric bike, like the gears, chain and derailleur, but as much as benefitting that it, it also causes more tear and wear on the drivetrain. However, this motor is appreciated due to its range of performance. Just like a car and motorcycle, this motor can help you to shift through gears. It is recommended to shift into high gear while heading downhill or running over a flat surface and want to run fast, and you can shift into a low gear while climbing a hill. Based on your requirement and performance, this motor offers you the option of using exactly as much power as you need. I personally use a mid-drive motor on my bike, and I recommend it if you want a wider range of performance, but the decision is up to you.

Lastly, when you choose a motor for your electric bike, consider the power wattage you need. There are various options for you to choose like 250 watts, 350 watts, 500 watts, 750 watts etc. Choosing the right one will provide an electric bicycle for men with the best performance.

E Bike Motor Index, Industry Today

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