Increase your customer satisfaction with more inaction with Elo Touchscreen Monitors.

Our interactive Elo touch monitors are available in various sizes and are suitable for your meeting room, conference rooms, events or in-store. The Elo touchscreens have a clear resolution and use highly responsive touchscreen technology.

We notice that technology can sometimes get in the way. That is why we provide solutions and applications that make our interactive screens simple and intuitive. Built on a unified architecture, Elo helps you connect every touchpoint.

Communicate your message and capture ideas with your fingers or with one of the screen pens. Benefit from the accuracy and high response speed of our touchscreen. Bring people together with high-quality (video) conferences; grab attention with in-store signage solutions. Whatever the challenge, there is always an interactive Elo screen that meets your requirements.

Why Choose Elo

  • Integrated Touch: Elo’s industry-leading PCAP touchscreen technology with a 10-touch tablet-like experience.
  • Flexible Mounting: Elo monitors offer a variety of mounting options to meet your installation requirements.
  • Peripherals: Whether you need a barcode reader to scan items or an EMV to enable secure payment, Elo monitors are compatible with the Elo Edge Connect accessories.
  • Built-to-Last: Our touchscreen monitors deliver the quality and reliability Elo is known for, and are backed by our 3-year warranty. We design, build and are responsible for the complete solution, with touch integrated from the start.

Looking for a way to improve the customer experience in your store or at your event?

With the Elo Touchscreen monitor as a touchscreen presentation screen, it works! Offer your customers the opportunity to interactively test, rate or share your product via social media. Let them compile the desired product themselves with an interactive product configurator. In this way, they get a good picture of what type, model, and what shape and color they want. Ready? With one click, they order the product of their choice through your in-store webshop. That’s a good service!

A collaboration solution for real-time insight into your business performance

Need a way to get your employees more involved in your organization? Transform any meeting or public space into a collaboration center by using an Elo touchscreen monitor as a collaboration solution. Present the objectives of each department interactively and in real-time and make it possible for everyone to see for themselves what their contribution is to your operating result via the Touch display. Which projects have been delivered on schedule? Which part of your sales targets has been achieved? How many calls has your customer service handled correctly? How many help desk questions and issues have been resolved? Who is the employee of the month? Give your employees insight into the performance of your organization every day and motivate them to achieve the best results together.

You are happy, your employees happy and your customers happy. What else do you want?

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