Take any enterprise in any industry, there’s no business without IT support, today. In fact, IT infrastructure has become the backbone of every business and its services, so much so that its employees as well as customers totally depend on the enterprise’s IT infrastructure and it is needless to say that this dependence is only increasing. Therefore, IT needs to continuously evolve to keep pace with the changing market dynamics, products and services and above all, ever-evolving customer expectations.

Thankfully, AIOps has made its grand entry into the IT operations management to make enterprise’s digital journey smarter and therefore easier. As defined by Gartner, AIOps stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations. AIOps platforms leverage machine learning and advanced data science to understand, manage and analyze data. They help enhance IT operations by providing deeper insights gathered by combining big data and ML.

This improvement in IT operations makes it intelligent and helps businesses deliver better outcomes, thanks to the ability of AIOps systems that can deal with large data and provide greater insights smartly. Below are some of the ways AIOps make IT business operations intelligent.

  1. AIOps combine information gathered from multiple sources and analyse them to provide a holistic picture into the IT infrastructure making it a 360-degree approach.
  2. AIOPs platforms have the capability to manage and analyse large amounts of data. And this capability helps understand data from across domains and derive insights, which improves collaboration among teams and helps make a more informed and intelligent decision
  3. As it’s a combined effort of AI, ML and data sciences at work, AIOps provide superior automation capabilities, which help faster processing of tasks.
  4. It comes as a huge relief to the IT operations team, when they run a couple of systems together, as AIOps can customize the services to optimize the running time and capacity of the server, storage and the network.
  5. What makes AIOps even better is its ability to understand the business angle as well, which helps create an IT infrastructure that provides the much-needed business impact.


While most enterprises are going through digital transformation, their IT teams also need to be equally ready to be able to embrace and execute this transformation to the tee. This would mean solving IT-related problems utilizing cloud computing and leveraging cloud services rather than relying on hardware. This would help manage more data in a better and simplified way.

Use of AI in IT operations, helps address IT challenges such as Siloed IT operations, digital transformation and overwhelming data explosion. Similarly, AI for document analysis helps enterprises to harvest documents intelligently by levering computer vision, NLP and conversational AI.

AIOps is a classic example of IT operations working together with business units, leveraging Machine Learning capabilities to handle data and develop deeper understanding of business goals and prepare their systems to accommodate those organizational goals. While it may still be considered an emerging technology, its capabilities are clearly making IT operations more effective, increasing its acceptance and dependence in the years to come.

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