July 25, 2019

Employee performance is always a complex metric. There are a lot of factors that affect employee performance, from their work environment to any personal issue they may be dealing with at any given time. Since employee performance is a complex thing, employee performance optimization needs to be approached with extra care.

The complex nature of employee performance doesn’t mean there are no simple ways to boost it. You can still use effective techniques to maintain and improve the performance of your team members. If you are seeking more ways to improve the overall performance of your team, these are the techniques you can leverage immediately.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Just like setting clear objectives makes projects more effective, letting employees know about what you expect from them – in a clear and concise way – is a fantastic way to boost employee performance. Making your expectations clear allows employees to plan better, perform better, and produce better results in the end.

Employees need to be able to explain their objectives, and it is your duty to get them to that level of understanding. As soon as your team members know exactly what you expect from them, you will see their actions becoming more aligned with the objectives of the company.

Implement Consistent Appraisal

An unclear performance metric is still the primary cause of low employee performance, despite how simple it may seem. Not all organizations have the ability to define clear performance metrics. More importantly, not all organizations have the ability to use those performance metrics in a consistent way.

Inconsistent appraisal has the potential of confusing employees. They don’t know how their performance is measured, so they have no idea how they can improve in the long run. Clarifying how performance is measured allows for everyone in the team to be more focused; they know exactly what to do to perform better.

Invest in Development

Investing in your employees is another effective way to boost performance. There are two primary benefits to expect from investing in employee development. The first one is the added skill employees can now master with the training you provide them. More skills, especially skills that are immediately used in the day-to-day operation of the company, provide a substantial boost in employee performance.

The second benefit can be found in the higher sense of belonging that employees will begin to develop when you invest in them. Employees are more likely to give their best performance when you care about their personal and professional development in a tangible way.

Clarify Rewards

Positive reinforcement is always more effective than punishment, which is why rewards are considered a more effective way to improve employee performance. This too is a simple strategy to implement. You only need to make rewards clear from the beginning.

You can take this approach a step further and develop milestones for employees to achieve. Make sure they can earn rewards upon achieving those milestones and you will see the entire team coming together to achieve a common set of goals. Rewards can come in different forms, so think about the rewards that suit your team members best.

Boost Morale

Another thing that often gets neglected is employee morale. Multiple studies have shown that employee morale is closely tied to employee performance. When employees are happy about the organization they are in, they will show their best performance at all times.

Employee morale can be improved using several instruments. You can, for instance, provide a more suitable set of benefits. You can also work towards creating a better salary level and career path, producing a higher sense of security in the process. Even the work environment affects employee morale in a substantial way.

Provide the Right Tools

The tools that employees use to handle tasks and projects are the next element to incorporate into your strategy. When managing projects, for example, the use of agile planning, a capable digital Kanban tool, and advanced analytics tools can substantially transform the effectiveness of team members in handling those projects. Check out Kanbanize’s Kanban tool to see how it works in practice. Kanbanize is one of the best Kanban tools out there.

Agile planning is also good for boosting performance in general. The better you plan for a project, the better results you can expect in the end. Better planning also leads to fewer problems – and the ability to anticipate those problems. Imagine the performance boost you can gain when employees aren’t distracted by issues.

Empower Team Members

Next, we have employee empowerment. Employees who are allowed to make decisions on a certain level are considerably more productive than those who simply follow orders. This is the reason why micro-managing tasks and projects aren’t something you want to do if you are expecting high performance from your team members.

Leaders should stick to providing directions and nurturing growth, while team members can focus more on the day-to-day tasks and deciding how to best move forward with specific tasks. Some degree of freedom is good for productivity, isn’t it?

Watch Out for Toxic Team Members

There is a serious issue worth anticipating if you are dealing with low employee performance over an extended period of time. Find out if some employees are causing the lower performance in other team members. Toxic team members aren’t uncommon, and it is certainly a serious enough problem to deal with.

When you do discover toxic employees affecting the entire team, be prepared to cut ties and save the rest of the company. Maintaining toxic team members will only hurt productivity in a more substantial way. Besides, toxic employees have the potential of making other employees less motivated and disrupting workflows within the company itself.

As an added note, learn to identify team members who are good at motivating others. You can fill strategic roles with this type of team members, boosting the productivity of the entire team in the process. it is a simple move, but one that produces great results, nonetheless.

These effective techniques are easy to implement, but they are incredibly effective in boosting individual and team performance of your employees. Begin improving employee performance using these techniques and observe the immediate results. Once you get the ball rolling, you will see employees taking a more active role in improving each other’s performance before you know it.

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