September 18, 2019

Two important factors you need to focus on while running a company are employee productivity and engagement. When employees are both productive and engaged, they get more work done in less time and help the company generate more revenue. Also, when employees are more engaged, they feel a stronger connection at the company and remain their longer.

But when engagement is low, your company just becomes an employee training ground for other companies.

This is why if you are looking for ways to improve employee productivity and engagement you have come to the right place. I have discussed the most common mistakes that negatively affect them at a company and the steps you can do to rectify them…

Solely focusing on company goals:

Company goals are important. Your company will only generate revenue if these goals are accomplished. But this doesn’t mean that you forget that your employees have their own individual goals too.

Your employees might work towards achieving the company’s goals at the beginning, but if their own personal goals aren’t met, their morale will drop in the long term. This will also lead to a drop in engagement and they won’t care about the company’s goals because they know that the company doesn’t care about theirs.

This is why instead of only working towards the company’s goals, you also need to show an interest in your employees’ lives. So, take steps to help your employees achieve a good work life balance. Regularly ask them if everything is okay with their lives. Find out if you can do anything to help them. Some companies live Virgin take this so seriously that they offer perks like unlimited leave days.

When you show employees that you care about their lives as well, they will develop a stronger bond with the company and their colleagues. As a result, they will become more engaged and work hard towards helping the company achieve its goals too and they will be happy to do it. It won’t be something they ‘have’ to show up for just because they are getting paid.

Not having an employee management plan:

Do you have a proper plan to manage your company goals and employees or do you just wing it and pressure your employees to finish the work when the deadline nears?

If it is the latter, then you need to get a hold of yourself and your employees and create a proper strategy towards getting more work done smoothly. You need take your goals and break them down into smaller tasks. You also need to take your employees strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

And then device a strategy that will help your employees complete those tasks and goals. You can try using a scheduling app like this one, to help you execute the strategy. A proper schedule will ensure your employees complete a task on time without being pressured too much at the end.

This leads to stress free productivity and a boost in engagement.

Not building a healthy work environment:

You shouldn’t just help your employees improve their lives outside of work, but their lives at work too. So, make sure you provide them with the best technology (laptops, tablets, printer, etc.) to work with and other equipment like desks, chairs, lighting, etc.

Some companies care about building a healthy work environment so much that they design beautiful and homely offices with beds and even sleep pods.

If your employees own pets, you can also ask them to bring them to work. Pets can reduce stress. It also gives employees (who are pet owners) one less thing to worry about. They will be more focused at work.

Not communicating properly:

Communication is an important part of employee management. If your managers and employees don’t communicate properly, it could lead to a series of problems. So, have some training workshops where managers are thought how to offer constructive feedback and employees are thought how to communicate back.

And make sure you provide employees with the right communication tools. These should include a texting app like Slack and a VoIP tool like Zoom.


These are the common mistakes that can affect employee productivity and engagement. So, put an end to them today.

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