Spending time with family is an incentive to get through to the end of the year.

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Working from home is convenient, though, this dynamic has its own strains. You may miss the face-to-face interaction that comes with working in an office space, for example. You may also become bored with the same environment and work space in your home. There are, however, some incentives that can keep you going, and they come as the end of the year approaches. Here are a few end-of-year incentives while working from home.

1. Cruise Trip

You can sail away on a business cruise with your team at the end of the year. After having spent countless hours throughout the year interacting on digital platforms such as Slack and Google Teams, this face-to-face experience is much needed. You can catch up on events that you, otherwise, can’t discuss in detail over the screen. This quality interaction will be taking place in the open air where you can appreciate the scenery which is vastly different from your work space.

You also get to enjoy the fun and entertainment that is provided on the cruise such as jazz concerts and casino games. The variety of food and beverages provided make for exploring that what could be foreign to your palate. You and your team will enjoy this close to a very busy year by exploring various landscapes on a cruise ship.

2. Hiking

Depending on your work space at home, you may be spending hours indoors. Spending countless hours indoors may cause cabin fever which is a desire to spend more time outdoors. Hiking is a great way to end the year because you will enjoy the crisp air and the breeze on your skin.

The year may have come with stress to meet deadlines and create quality content. This pressure can cause stress, anxiety, and, in some cases, depression. The stillness and beauty of nature can alleviate the stress levels that you may have accumulated throughout the year.

Exercising is also another way of alleviating stress symptoms because it facilitates the release of the feel-good hormone known as endorphins. Once endorphins are released, you may begin to feel less stressed while keeping your body in shape by taking part in the hike.

3. Unplug

Working from home may entail having to be glued onto your screens for hours at a time. Unplugging may be an end-of-year incentive which may have a positive effect on your health. Unplugging is the practice of switching off gadgets such as laptops, phones, tablets, and televisions with the aim of enjoying stillness and quiet. The constant buzzing email notifications, phone calls, and messages can take a toll on one. The pressure that comes with having to attend to the mandates and demands of work may cause poor mental, emotional, and physical health. Knowing that, at the end of the year, you can enjoy a few days or weeks of being unplugged may be an incentive.

4. Family Time

One of the conveniences of working from home is that you don’t need to be constantly away from your family. Although you may be physically present, you aren’t able to attend to them or spend quality time because you will be focused on delivering your mandates. Being able to spend quality time with your family at the end of the year when on the work break is an incentive. You can enjoy a meal with your family without rushing to complete your duties, for example. You can visit places that you may not have been able to with your family. These are the moments that create everlasting memories.

5. Spa Treatment

Spending the day in a sitting position may damage your posture. You may find yourself slouching more or experiencing sore feet. It’s important to stretch every few minutes to facilitate efficient blood flow. An end-of-year spa treatment, however, is encouraged so that you get a massage that may alleviate the physical tension you may be experiencing as a result of consistently being in a sitting posture. Make sure to exercise and rest well to maintain the effects of a soothing body massage.


After surviving a long year of hard work, you deserve to treat yourself. You can look forward to going on a cruise ship with your colleagues you hadn’t interacted with face to face. You can also enjoy a nature hike which may alleviate any stress, depression, and anxiety. Unplugging and spending time with your family are also incentives to get through to the end of the year. Scheduling a massage to relax your body is also recommended.

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