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September 6, 2023 Enerquip Recognized with Top 50 Health Plan Award

Enerquip Thermal Solutions received the prestigious 2023 Rosie Award as one of America’s Top 50 Health Plans.

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MEDFORD, WI: Enerquip Thermal Solutions proudly received the prestigious “Rosie Award,” acknowledging their achievement as one of America’s Top 50 Health Plans, known for their unwavering commitment to excellence and responsible stewardship. This recognition was spotlighted at RosettaFest, a gathering of over 700 healthcare and benefits professionals, industry experts, and visionary leaders who convened on Chicago’s Navy Pier from August 7th to 9th. The event aimed to explore innovative strategies for delivering superior care while reducing costs and enhancing patient outcomes.

Notably, Enerquip’s Benefits Specialist, Katie Brahmer, was a prominent figure at the event, co-hosting an enlightening live session on August 9th. During this session, she and other influential thought leaders shared valuable insights into the day-to-day operations of health plans, illuminating the innovative and meticulously executed strategies that ensure employees retain more of their hard-earned dollars.

“Enerquip’s distinctive health plan stands as a testament to our commitment to our team,” says Jeannie Deml, CEO of Enerquip Thermal Solutions. “Years ago, in response to the relentless surge in healthcare expenses, we made a strategic decision to assume control of our health plan. Today, we not only deliver top-tier healthcare to our team members, often with no cost to them, but we’ve also successfully curbed healthcare expenditures for the entire company.”

A distinguishing feature of the 2023 Rosie Award winners was the stringent selection criteria, which relied on recommendations from benefits advisors, solution providers, and clinical leaders who met two pivotal benchmarks: achieving a high Plan Grader™ score and demonstrating the adept utilization of their “Health Rosetta Dividend.” The Health Rosetta Dividend embodies previously wasted healthcare funds that can be reinvested into the organization or community to enhance overall well-being.

Dave Chase, Health Rosetta Co-founder, offered additional insight on the 2023 Rosie Award selection criteria behind America’s Best Health Plans: “With health plan costs being one of an organization’s top three expenses, it’s imperative that leadership have a comprehensive third-party assessment to help them understand how their plan is operating, how it compares to high performance plans, and provides detailed best practices and strategies to improve their plan. The Plan Grader provides such an evaluation.” All 2023 Rosie Award winners were required to complete the Plan Grader, adopt fundamental parts of a Health Rosetta plan, and demonstrate compelling ways they are employing their Health Rosetta Dividend. These employers and union strategies set the standard for their industries and communities. 

Enerquip’s selection as one of the 2023 Rosie Award winners is not only a testament to their award-winning plan design but also spotlights the impeccable advisement led by Health Rosetta Advisor, Drew Leatherberry, and his team, at Avergent.

Leatherberry shared his sentiments on this accomplishment, stating, “Serving as the strategic benefits advisor for Enerquip has been an honor. Through their forward-thinking leadership, we have successfully implemented transformative changes to their benefit plan and engaged with innovative solution partners. This collaboration has resulted in a substantial reduction in their healthcare costs, alongside significant enhancements to benefits. Enerquip can take immense pride in being acknowledged as an industry trailblazer, now boasting one of the most outstanding health plans in America.”

The Rosie Awards are presented by Health Rosetta, a collective of people that has seen the future of health in action and are passionately working to make it a reality. To learn more visit  https://healthrosetta.org

Enerquip’s Benefits Specialist Katie Brahmer (right), accepts a 2023 Rosie Award for health plan excellence and stewardship. Also pictured, from left, are 2023 Rosie Award winner Renea Langel, Vice President of HR & Risk Management at Midwest Carriers, and Drew Leatherberry, Benefits Advisor and owner of Avergent.
Enerquip’s Benefits Specialist Katie Brahmer (right), accepts a 2023 Rosie Award for health plan excellence and stewardship. Also pictured, from left, are 2023 Rosie Award winner Renea Langel, Vice President of HR & Risk Management at Midwest Carriers, and Drew Leatherberry, Benefits Advisor and owner of Avergent.

About Health Rosetta: Health Rosetta is leading the healthcare transformation movement. Health Rosetta, the game-changer in healthcare innovation, provides a blueprint for high-performance healthcare along with a framework for improving health outcomes, reducing costs, and enhancing the patient experience. Health Rosetta offers technology, expert advising, best practices and innovative solutions gathered from successful healthcare organizations. By adopting the Health Rosetta principles, employers, providers, and other stakeholders can create a more efficient, effective, and sustainable healthcare system. Join thousands of proactive individuals who have already embraced Health Rosetta’s vision for a brighter healthcare future. Take the first step towards better health and financial freedom. Visit: https://healthrosetta.org to learn more.  

About the Plan Grader™️: The Plan Grader is the first comprehensive independent plan assessment to measure and improve your health plan strategy. Plan Grader is an independent 360° health plan risk assessment that provides actionable insights to create an effective 2-3 year strategy to lower costs and improve benefits. Plan Grader is built on the Health Rosetta’s eight components that have been modeled on the successes of hundreds of high-performance plans. Employers and unions can evaluate how their health plan benchmarks to other employers or union plans adopting a Health Rosetta-style health plan. Plan Grader is only available through a Health Rosetta Advisor.  

To find a Health Rosetta advisor near you, visit: https://healthrosetta.org/who-we-are/#health-rosetta-advisors 

About Enerquip: Headquartered in Medford, WI, Enerquip is a leading provider of sanitary and industrial heating and cooling solutions for customers in a variety of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, asphalt, biofuels, tank terminals and more. Made in the USA, Enerquip’s innovative line of products includes heat exchangers, condensers, thermal fluid heaters with serpentine coil technology, helical coil heaters, tank heating coilssteam generators, economizers, suction heaters, bayonet heaters and more. For more information, visit www.enerquip.com.


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