WebStrategies announced the results of its 2021 equipment manufacturing marketing survey, with insightful digital marketing industry trends.

Midlothian, Virginia: WebStrategies Inc. announced the results of its 2021 equipment manufacturing marketing survey, an annual initiative that analyzes how equipment manufacturers are investing in digital marketing and which tactics are showing the strongest return on marketing investment.

“The goal of this survey was to create the most insightful industry research on how manufacturers are using and investing in digital marketing. We created the kind of thing that we would want to see and we couldn’t find it, so we made our own… As a result, we’ve created something that is unlike anything else you can find out there. We’re really proud of it.” -Chris Leone, WebStrategies CEO

103 manufacturing professionals, primarily marketing directors, CEO’s, and CMO’s, took part in the online survey, providing a wealth of data on digital marketing trends in the equipment manufacturing space in a tumultuous year.

Key insights from the equipment manufacturing survey include:

  • 61% of survey respondents reported seeing a positive return on digital marketing efforts. This is nearly double the number who reported seeing a positive ROI from digital last year.
  • While 45% of equipment manufacturers who took our survey plan to keep their overall budget the same, 63% plan to increase their digital marketing budget.
  • 78% of respondents said that digital marketing became a higher priority in the past year.
  • Content marketing was reportedly the most successful digital marketing tactic for equipment manufacturers. Compared to our 2020 survey, this was a 97% increase of respondents who indicated having success with content production.

These insights and many more offer equipment manufacturing marketers visibility into what digital tactics are being invested in, which tactics are working, and where the greatest marketing challenges lie.

The equipment manufacturing marketing survey results are available now and can be accessed here.

About WebStrategies: WebStrategies is an industry leading digital marketing agency specializing in helping equipment manufacturers prosper. We focus on driving new qualified leads through online channels including SEO, PPC, display advertising, social advertising, website personalization, and website usability improvement.

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