The right technology is needed for aviation ground fueling.

A plane pulls in, and it’s your team’s job to quickly fuel it up to keep the runway running on schedule. Properly fueling an aircraft means doing so safely, and the safest way to ensure your ground crew does their job is to be sure they have the right tools they need. You need more than just the necessary equipment—you need spare parts and repair kits ready to handle any mishaps. You need the right technology to keep your team safe, on target, and on time.  

Bonding and Grounding Equipment 

Quality aircraft bonding and grounding equipment should always be a priority. Ground fuelers and related operators need to be protected against the electrostatic charge created during the aviation ground fueling process. The safety supplies provide workers a ground to prevent electrical charges from jumping to crew member’s bodies or materials nearby.  

Bonding equipment should be easy to use and easily accessible. Aircraft grounding cables, aircraft electrical bonding clamps, and other aircraft bonding and grounding products must be attached before, during, and after fueling. If this equipment is ill-fitting, in poor condition, or unavailable, deadly accidents can occur. Proper bonding and grounding equipment includes: 

  • Bonding cable 
  • Bonding clamps and plugs 
  • Hannay static ground reels 
  • Dischargers 
  • Gammon bonding reels 
  • Bonding jumpers 

Fuel Sample Equipment 

The fuel delivered to the plane must meet fuel quality control standards, and the quality control process requires proper sampling and testing to make sure these standards are met. This fuel sample equipment must accurately check for issues that could pose severe complications. A few moments during the preflight procedure with the right equipment can prevent fuel contamination pitfalls. Fuel sample equipment includes: 

  • Sampling kits 
  • Filter accessories 
  • Sample collection pumps 
  • Jet test actuator 
  • Density hydrometers 
  • Handheld fueling technology 

Desiccant Breathers 

Desiccant breathers protect ground fueling equipment and machinery from the moisture in the air. As the air passes through the filter, the humidity is removed, stopping the harm of particulates that cause expensive downtime delays. These breathers, adapters, and accessories prevent moisture while drying and screening air particulates.  

Fuel Spill Kit 

Fuel leaks and spills are extremely dangerous situations, and most fuel spills are caused by human error. The use of equipment designed to prevent overfills and leaks such as automatic flow shut-offs or restrictive flow devices can decrease the hazards of fuel spills. But even with preventative equipment, it is imperative to have the right supplies available for a prompt response should a spill occur. Fuel spill supplies include: 

  • Pre-assembled spill kits for oil or fuel spills 
  • Absorbent rolls 
  • Booms 
  • Barrel tops 
  • Shop rags and wipes 
  • Fuel containers 

Labels and Decals 

Standards mandate the labeling of trucks and materials with the appropriate information. These labels often help with efficiency and aid in the avoidance of hazardous errors. All equipment should be labeled clearly with suitable decals. The information presented can include directional information such as which way to turn, safety precautions such as no smoking, equipment location, placards, and container contents. These labels and decals must be easy to see, use, and be long-lasting. Common labels and decals include: 

  • Filtration decals 
  • Fueling banners 
  • Safety decals 
  • Tank and pipeline decals 
  • Placards  

Nozzle Repair Kit 

Connecting and disconnecting the fuel nozzle is one of the minimum levels of service that aviation ground crew performs. Safer, durable, and efficient aviation fueling systems like single point nozzles from Becker Aviation can sometimes be the difference between a fast, safe fueling and falling behind schedule. But having a nozzle that isn’t working properly can be expensive and time-consuming situations. Having nozzle replacement parts and rebuild kits can provide alternative options and configurations necessary to stay on time.  

OPW Swivel Repair Parts 

  • Fuel hose assemblies provide safe and efficient aviation fueling. The couplings, adapters, Hannay hose reels, and OPW swivels may be small parts, but their need for repair or replacement can create enormous problems. These parts must be on hand to maintain a safe and efficient refueling system. OPW swivel repair parts include: 
  • Replacement swivels 
  • Seal repair kits 
  • Bearings 
  • Ball bearings 

Great Ground Crews Have the Right Tools 

Fueling teams face obstacles each day. The success of these teams often comes down to their ability to face challenges. However, a great ground crew needs more than dedicated members with can-do attitudes. Great ground crews need the right training, proper planning, and the right tools. From the smallest ball bearing to the largest vehicle, the excellence of a ground crew depends on access to the tools needed to safely and expertly do their job. 

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