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March 2, 2023 Europe’s Most Dangerous Roads for Truckers Revealed

New research by SNAP reveals Bulgaria, Poland, and Czechia as home to Europe’s most hazardous roads for truck drivers.

Latest insights reveal Bulgaria, Poland, and Czechia as home to Europe’s most hazardous roads for truck drivers.

Analysing data from the last 10 years, SNAP, the haulage industry’s leading smart payment provider, has established a hazard rating for Europe’s roads for truckers, by comparing the average yearly fatal HGV collision rate to the country’s total road network: 

snap hgv data

The analysis places Bulgaria in the number 1 spot, with more fatal HGV collisions per year than Poland and Czechia combined. 40% of all fatal HGV collisions within the EU occurred in rural areas, suggesting road safety infrastructure developments need to extend past motorways.

Mark Garner, Managing Director at SNAP comments, “We have created the new hazard rating so we can warn drivers of the most treacherous roads to be driving on in Europe. But the harsh reality is that there are no safe zones. All roads across the continent carry inherent risks, and drivers need to be continually resilient to changing driving conditions and in-country laws and regulations. We recommend that drivers familiarise themselves with road laws and their planned route in advance of setting off.

“Most HGV drivers, especially those navigating across central and eastern Europe, will be used to driving for exceptionally long distances, on roads they are less familiar with. They may be unaware of the best places that they are able to park up and take a well-earned break from driving. This is why SNAP has developed the Intruck app, which features over 5,000 truck stops, designed to navigate drivers to dedicated places for rest and relaxation so they can keep their focus on the road ahead.”

The countries with the least dangerous roads for truckers include Denmark, Austria and Sweden. Aligning to SNAP’s findings, Sweden significantly advocates for road safety, implementing ‘Vision Zero’ in 1997. The mission toward zero fatalities and serious injuries caused by road accidents has been backed by the UN, who have encouraged nations globally to commit to meeting the goal by 2050.

For this goal to be met, there needs to be an integral improvement to road safety across Europe. Despite a 17% EU-wide decline in fatal accidents through the pandemic, figures have already begun to increase, and are predicted to have risen by an additional 10% in 2022.

For an in-depth analysis of SNAP’s full rankings, and a visualisation of the countries home to Europe’s most hazardous highways, visit


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