Exact Metrology recently exhibited at this year’s CastExpo with a host of innovative solutions from Hexagon and Artec.

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company and a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, attended this year’s CastExpo with a host of innovative solutions from Hexagon and Artec.

The event was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, from April 23rd to April 26th.  Exact personnel at the booth included David Nichols, Applications Engineer, Darin Sherry, Regional Sales Manager and Chris Lafferty, Artec Sales.  The team showcased the new IP54 Hexagon Absolute Arm, Artec Micro, and Artec Leo.

This Absolute Arm from Hexagon Metrology has an IP54 protection rating, a market first for portable measuring arms. It comes alongside an environment-related improvement that sees the system’s maximum operating temperature increased to 45°C.  There are also improvements to the functionality of the Absolute Arm wrist display, now upgraded to a touchscreen, and the RDS software that drives it. With the CP-W Wireless Pack, also IP54 rated, every Absolute Arm boasts full-speed performance all of the time, even when high-speed scanning over a wireless connection.

Artec Micro’s professional ultra-high precision industrial desktop 3D scanner is designed to deliver industrial-quality scans in just one click. It includes up to 10 microns accuracy, producing metrology-grade scans suitable for quality control, while removing the need for targets on the scanned object. Furthermore, advanced twin color cameras and blue LED lights are synchronized with the scanner’s dual-axis rotation system to create a digital copy of your object with a minimum of frames captured. Artec Micro transforms intricate items into CAD/CAM data for design, modification, 3D printing and casting.

The 2022 Artec Leo features a new 3D scanning experience with a fresh new user interface and a screen that’s easier to use. Accuracy is guaranteed with a new calibration certificate and calibration kit. The new Auto Temperature Control enables the scanner to regulate its operation and keep its components at optimum operating temperature for capturing data at maximum accuracy. In addition, Leo has algorithms to automatically adjust the brightness level when scanning, providing true-to-life evenly lit color 3D models without the need for manual correction.

Commenting on the company’s involvement in metalcasting and their experience at CastExpo, Darin Sherry said, “Exact Metrology provides portable solutions for inspecting, measuring, and validating castings before a company begins their machining process. It was of incredible value to be a part of CastExpo as we were able to provide live demos of equipment that can be used as shop floor solutions, saving time with increased inspection time.”

David Nichols Scanning A Motorcycle Part With The Hexagon Absolute Arm Exact Met Resized, Industry Today
David Nichols scanning a motorcycle part with the Hexagon Absolute Arm.

In-Place Machining Company: On-Site Machining Solutions In-Place, Any Place in the World.
In-Place Machining Company, with facilities in Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada, is the premier provider of high-precision engineered on-site machining, metrology, and large scale cutting & drilling services for a wide range of renewable energy, aerospace, industrial, and military customers throughout the world.                                 

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company, is ISO9001, AS9100 Certified as well as ITAR Registered.
Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company, with facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, Moline, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, plus affiliated offices throughout the country, is a comprehensive metrology services provider, offering customers 3D and CT scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, product development and 2D drawings. The company also provides turnkey metrology solutions, including equipment sales and lease/rental arrangements.

About Artec 3D
Artec 3D is an international company, headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in the United States (Santa Clara, California), China (Shanghai) and Russia (Moscow). Artec 3D develops and produces innovative 3D solutions and products. Artec has a team of professional experts in the collection and processing of 3D surfaces as well as biometric facial recognition. Artec 3D’s products and services can be used in many industries, such as in engineering, medicine, media and design, entertainment, fashion, historic preservation, security technology and many more.

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