In this article we explore various reasons why there is no end in sight for the explosive growth of flower subscription services.

Some few years back, buying flowers was a hectic endeavor. Whether you wanted to buy them for your significant other, your home or workplace, you had to make an actual visit to a florist. With the advent of digital technology, however, things are now changing. In 2019 alone, the online flower shop industry recorded an exponential growth of 6.7%. that means more people, particularly those who want flowers regularly, are now switching to flower subscription services.

In this article, we’ll explore various reasons why there is no end in sight for the explosive growth of flower subscription services. Read on!

Flower Subscription Services Are More Convenient.

Most online florist stores offer weekly and monthly flower subscriptions that often include free delivery. Besides the convenience of not having to make frequent trips to a florist, a flower subscription service saves you time, which explains the exponential growth. In a conventional setting, one would be forced to beat the traffic and hope that they will make it on time to the florist’s store. However, flower subscriptions have taken the dread out of gifting flowers. They allow subscribers to conveniently purchase flowers from the comfort of their seats and with just a few clicks or a phone call.

Offer Access to A Wider Selection

When buying flowers directly from a brick-and-mortar store, you’re confined to the limited choices of flowers that the florist has. In such a case, the chances of finding the type of flowers you wish to buy are minimal. On the other hand, flower subscription services offer buyers wider access to flower varieties. What’s even better is that subscribers can customize their bouquets right from the colour, arrangement, and packaging of the flowers. Some online stores, such as the Bouqs flower delivery, even go a step further and personalize the flower subscription plans, thereby improving customer experience.

Offer Better Quality

Most flower subscription service providers deliver freshly cut flowers right from the farm to your doorstep, without going through a middleman. Further, the whole flower delivery logistics are efficient such that the flowers are well-packed and delivered while still fresh. However, buying flowers physically from a store may compromise on quality. For starters, the flowers may wither on the way due to poor packaging. This explains why flower subscriptions will continue to gain traction. Also, most flower subscriptions are offered in tiers. That means buyers can choose a premium subscription package that gives them access to a wide range of exotic and fresh flowers.

Flower Subscriptions Are More Affordable

Paying for a flower subscription has proven to be more cost-effective than buying flowers from a florist the conventional way. Whether you subscribe for a weekly or monthly service, you will buy flowers at a bulk price, which is lower than the market price. On top of it all, the flowers are delivered for free at your doorstep, further making it more affordable than buying from a florist in a store. Given its cost-saving benefits, flower subscriptions will continue to reign supreme over the brick-and-mortar flower stores.

Get A Flower Subscription Service You Can Trust

There’s no denying that flower subscriptions offer unlimited benefits, from convenience and affordability to quality and variety. However, getting a reliable flower subscription service provider isn’t always easy. Ideally, you should look for a service that offers weekly and monthly flower delivery packages that provide maximum flexibility, particularly to those who like to pre-plan events. This way, you can customize your plan to suit your unique needs.

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