January 14, 2020

Every face-to-face business should be on Facebook. It builds brand awareness and credibility. If someone finds you on Google, many people will want to look on your Facebook. If you’re not doing it, your competitors will be and therefore you may be losing valuable leads. Even professionals such as lawyers can make use of a strong Facebook presence.

It may be that you are already a successful lawyer and are looking to take your business to the next level. As such, you likely don’t feel that you have the time to invest in your social media. It can be very time consuming, especially if you are unfamiliar with some aspects of the platform. If that sounds like you then you may want to consider hiring a website like XSocialMedia.com to run it for you. They specialize in Facebook for Lawyers and so will have a good understanding of your needs and how you can generate new leads.

Facebook will allow you to build up engagement and trust. It also gives you a platform to share your expertise through your posting activity. It is a great place to run targeted ads that reach a wide and relevant audience. Furthermore, you can chat with people in the messenger app. Some people may be more likely to ask you a quick question here then send you an email and if you can show them that you know your stuff, they may be more likely to become a customer, as you build rapport and trust.

Facebook is a relatively cheap medium for generating new leads. Traditional advertising on TV and billboards cost a lot of money. With Facebook, you can reach a lot of people for very little. Facebook has over 1.62 billion daily users and they cover every demographic. Over time you can decide how well it’s working for you and whether to invest more.

As a lawyer, your audience is likely to be so varied that it can be difficult to find new leads. Whilst many professionals make good use of platforms such as LinkedIn, this may be less effective for lawyers. This is because your audience may not have much knowledge about the law. Furthermore, it’s important that people trust you as you are dealing with sensitive issues. All of this makes Facebook a key medium. If you can build up a professional page with a good amount of likes and reviews it will help you to reach your goals.

Many consumers want several interactions with a person or a brand before they invest in it. Therefore, the further you can spread yourself across the internet the better. Once you have had interactions with people on Facebook you can then take people away from the platform. Arrange a Skype call, an email or a face-to-face meeting to secure those leads.

There is a lot of competition on Facebook, this can be helpful to you as you can get ideas from your competitors. However, it also highlights the importance of getting your Facebook right. Do your research, get the help and invest in targeted Facebook ads and watch the leads roll in.

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