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October 27, 2023 FactoryEye Partners with CESMII to Deliver Real-time AC

FactoryEye to attend the CESMII Annual Member’s Meeting at the SME SOUTHTEC Conference 2023 in Greenville, SC.

Irvine, California – FactoryEye, a division of Magic Software, is excited to announce their new membership with CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute (CESMII). CESMII is a government funded non-profit organization dedicated to supporting small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities to create a more competitive manufacturing environment in the United States. CESMII has recognized FactoryEye as an important addition to its mission to increase manufacturing productivity, global competitiveness, and reinvestment.

“United States manufacturers are at an important crossroads for innovation. Technology is accelerating at an incredible pace and mid-sized manufacturers must modernize operations to stay competitive,” said John Dyck, CESMII CEO, “We are excited to have FactoryEye as our newest member, with their experience in helping manufacturers obtain real-time actionable data from machines, which helps manufacturers remain agile, implement sustainable manufacturing practices and increase efficiency across production lines.”

FactoryEye looks forward to working with CESMII and its members to offer insight on how to implement Smart Manufacturing solutions, no matter the budget and operation size. CESMII members will benefit from FactoryEye’s sprint approach, which focuses on addressing one pain point at a time and avoiding long implementation delays, speeding up time-to-value. FactoryEye also allows manufacturers the option to build on existing systems without replacing them, providing enhanced operations with minimal disruption. By providing quick ROI, manufacturers can then fund the next steps in their digital transformation plan.

“The FactoryEye team feels that it is important to participate and engage with a strong, diverse network in order to continue innovating in the Smart Manufacturing world, which prompted our membership with the highly-respected industry organization, CESMII. FactoryEye’s mission to deliver a smart manufacturing solution that supports continuous improvement aligns with CESMII’s goals,” states Jonathan Kaplan, COO of FactoryEye. “We strive to empower American manufacturers to address key challenges they are facing, and close the technology gap without it being a financial burden.”

CESMII is a partner at this year’s SOUTHTEC 2023 conference, hosted by SME,  running Tuesday–Thursday, October 24–26th at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. FactoryEye will join CESMII at the Smart Manufacturing Pavilion and will participate in the annual CESMII Member Meeting. If you are attending SOUTHTEC and would like to set up a time to meet with FactoryEye representative and Vice President of Business Development, Tom Connell, please email kcompton@magicsoftware.com.

About FactoryEye
Based in Irvine, California, FactoryEye North America is a division of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: MGIC), a global provider of business integration and decision support solutions. FactoryEye powered by Magic Software’s IIoT platform is the solution that medium-size manufacturers turn to on their path to Industry 4.0. FactoryEye’s unique solution is intuitive, designed for rapid implementation that doesn’t require changing existing systems and infrastructure. FactoryEye gives global manufacturers unparalleled visibility into their operations, which enables them to make continuous improvements in the production process. FactoryEye captures production data and transforms it into actionable intelligence, which empowers workers, managers and manufacturing executives to make informed decisions in real-time. For more information, visit https://www.magicsoftware.com/factoryeye/.

CESMII – the Smart Manufacturing Institute – has a total investment of $140M from Department of Energy funding and public/private partnership contributions, with a mandate to create a more competitive manufacturing environment here in the US. CESMII is one of 17 Manufacturing USA institutes on this mission to increase manufacturing productivity, global competitiveness, and reinvestment by increasing energy productivity, improving economic performance and raising workforce capacity. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) is the program and administrative home of CESMII. For more information about CESMII, its history and Smart Manufacturing, visit cesmii.org


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