January 25, 2019

Surface finishing and surface polishing are a couple of different functions carried out on the entire surface of materials. Burnishing, polishing, and buffing are all a fabulous type of mechanised metal finishing.

Mechanised surface finishes are used through the external abrasion of a flat metal surface with a media. The media may vary significantly and consists of stone, metal, plastics and cloth combined with finishing substances. The particular methods of application consist of blasting, wheel abrasion, tumbling barrels with tumbling media and vibratory finishers.

Introduction to the Finishing Process

An average construction of finishing and polishing machine consists of an extractible abrasive material mounted on a spinner, a motor unit to spin the spinner, power source and gearbox. The process starts when the spinning abrasive materials are rubbed against the parts to give it a final touch. The spinning wheel usually spins at 8,500 SFM (Surface ft a minute).

Finishing and polishing machines can be found in different formats with different abrasion supplies. Most of these machines can enhance the shape and change the finishing of materials as per the requirements. These types of machines are utilised in metal shaping factories, tile and construction manufacturing sectors, shoe and clothing industries, glass cutting and also in automotive factories.

The finishing and polishing machines are used in manufacturing applications where aesthetics is of great significance to the end customers. These types of machines come in various sizes, and each and every application has its own prerequisites. Some are hefty while some are handy.

Despite the fact that machines are doing a good job in the industry, there’s always scope for more development. A better finishing and polishing machine that can provide more aesthetic looks without changing the physical attributes can transform the destiny of the industry to a great extent.

Finishing and Polishing Market: Industry Dynamics

As I’ve already explained, finishing and polishing machines are of great significance to different end-use market sectors. The key driver for the marketplace is growing demand from customers for aesthetics in every single industry.

Additionally, polishing is important in instances where modifying physical properties is necessary. As buffing or polishing gives a shiny gloss and lustrous look to the component or end-use parts or materials, it’s always recommended after the particular finishing process. This is considered to be a new development which is being adopted in the industry as people prefer purchasing things that shine better.

The industry of finishing and polishing machines is expected to experience considerable growth throughout the period due to emerging automotive, clothing, leather, jewelry, plastic, medical, fiber and glass, tiles and furniture industries. With the arrival of modern technologies in these types of machines, the industry is expected to see new trends in the near future. There are no specific constraints that might impede market development.

Finishing and Polishing Machines Industry: Geographical Perspective

Finishing and polishing systems are broadly used in every part of the world. The marketplace for all these machines has been diversified with an enormous scope across different market sectors.

In European, NA and APAC regions or countries, the industry indicates considerable growth in the furniture, automotive, floor tiles and glass-cutting operations. APEJ and part of MEA, such as Thailand, India and China, have the highest market share in the diamond jewelry industry, thus contributing to the finishing and polishing industry indirectly. Mainly because of the growth of largest ceramic and glass manufacturers, The United States of America, Japan and European countries are expected to take the finishing and polishing machines market to newer levels.

This will create new opportunities and breakthroughs in many industries where aesthetics is considered to be important elements for the end user.

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