Volume 3 | Issue 2 | Year 2000

From single-family starter homes to five-star luxury hotels, DeLuxe Homes of Pa., Inc. and its commercial division, DeLuxe Building Systems, manufactures, delivers and installs the most diverse line of modular structures in the industry. At its 200,000-plus- square-foot facility in Berwick, Pa., DeLuxe has the expertise and technology to meet the complex needs of a fast-paced construction industry. Whether the order is for single-family, multifamily or commercial modular structures – using either wood or steel construction – DeLuxe is equipped to do the job.

Bringing more than 35 years of experience to the table, DeLuxe collaborates with some of the most talented architects and engineers in the business. Some recent noteworthy projects include: Sandals’ Royal Bahamian Resort on Cable Beach in Nassau Bahamas; Marriott Hotel on Lake Seneca in Geneva, N.Y.; and dormitories at Muhlenberg College in Allentown and Eastern College in St. Davids, both in Pennsylvania.

Choices, Choices, Choices
A highly trained, in-house engineering team and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility have enabled DeLuxe to produce a diverse line of modular structures. The company offers single-family plans ranging from 800-square- foot entry-market homes, to much more than 3,000-square-foot luxury homes. Their affordable and attractive designs include Cape Cod, two-story, contemporary, split-level, split-foyer and ranch-style houses. By Spring 2000, five new single-family house plans will be added to the company’s portfolio of 83 predesigned single-family homes.

In its multifamily line, DeLuxe offers designs for townhouses, duplexes and apartments. The company works closely with developers and owners, architects and engineers to develop hotels, motels, schools, offices and dormitories up to nine stories high. Flexibility is a key feature of this company, which has the capability to customize its entire product line, adapting customized designs to modular technology.

DeLuxe is distinguished in the industry by its ability to provide either wood-frame, steel-frame and steel-and- concrete construction in order to meet customer and building-code requirements. According to President and CEO Don Shiner, the steel- and-concrete capability allows DeLuxe to meet codes that require noncombustible construction. “Steel and concrete construction puts you into noncombustible construction classifications, which includes mid- and high-rise buildings,” he says. “That opens a whole new range of markets for our sales team.” The company has recently received approval for a new fire-rated assembly, which will increase the efficiency of its steel and concrete production technology.

A Blueprint for Success
When Donald E. Meske founded DeLuxe Homes of Pa., Inc. in 1965, he had one objective: to provide affordable, high-quality homes expeditiously. How did Meske’s young company expect to fill such a tall order? One hundred percent control. By controlling construction, delivery and installation, DeLuxe has been able to keep prices down and quality up, while delivering products on time.

The company continuously has worked to perfect its ability to provide customers with first-rate value and service. From the beginning, DeLuxe has offered: guaranteed pricing; year-round production; on-time completion; superior craftsmanship; and brand-name materials, which include such recognizable names as Moen Faucets, Vipco, Interstate Doors, Andersen Windows, Merillat, Owens-Corning, Heister House Millwork, ICI-DuLux Coatings and Carriage.

In 1999, DeLuxe completed an extensive $3.5 million renovation of its manufacturing facility, which included a new concrete batch plant, plus two new roller-track systems to enhance product flow. In addition, the transportation department recently added six fifth-wheel trucks and 14 pneumatic transporters to its existing fleet to enhance the company’s response to tight deadlines and shipping schedules.

To further streamline the delivery process, DeLuxe has launched its CASH 2000 (Controlled Atttractive Simplified Housing) program. According to Shiner, this program will provide clients with both an inventory of pre-approved building plans with numerous options and a consolidated pricing format. “A customer can walk away with plans that are ready to be submitted to the local buil-ding department. Our goal is to further enhance our ability to quickly serve the client, thereby allowing both the builder and the homeowner to enjoy the benefits of simplified order processing and fast occupancy.”

At Home and Abroad
The company serves three distinct target markets: scattered-lot one- and two-family homes; multifamily buildings; and commercial structures. In the first market, DeLuxe sells its products through a strong builder network throughout the northeastern United States. Independent builders, in turn, sell the DeLuxe products as turnkey housing to families in the contiguous states running north and south from Maine to West Virginia, and running east to west from New Jersey to Ohio.

Developers, owners and general contractors find the company’s experience and straightforward approach to business beneficial as they turn to modular technology to solve their building challenges. DeLuxe has supplied nearly 3,000 homes to developers in New York City alone. The overseas market has also been successful, with more than 490 modules being shipped to Russia and 326 sent to the Caribbean, where DeLuxe is now expan-ding its market.

Building the Future
“Our long-range plans include continuing innovation with regard to new-product application, lowering the cost of our products in the marketplace, and continuing to maintain our high standards of quality in terms of product and service to our customers,” says Shiner.

One new-product application for DeLuxe will be the addition of multiple stories to existing noncombustible buildings. “Normally, adding stories on a building is a lengthy, disruptive process,” says Shiner. “But with modular construction, the majority of on-site disruption is greatly minimized.”

In order to increase sales volume, DeLuxe has plans to expand its channels of distribution. While the company will maintain its valued relationships with independent builders, it will also establish several model home centers to market homes to the retail customers.

These are just two of the many innovative plans that will carry DeLuxe Homes into the next millennium. “Our organization is made up of forward-thinking individuals,” says Shiner. “Don Meske, in addition to being the hard-working individual he is, has provided the management team with the latitude to venture into many areas others might have shied away from.”

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