Volume 3 | Issue 2 | Year 2000

The year was 1928. Calvin Coolidge decided not to seek a second term as president. Babe Ruth hit three home runs in one World Series game. And R&M Materials Handling, Inc. opened its doors and began an operation that has supplied quality hoist and crane products and system designs for a wide range of industries for the greater part of the 20th century.

The company is located in Springfield, Ohio. Its 115,000-square-foot manufacturing facility houses the most technologically advanced hoist and crane components for overhead materials handling in American industry today. R&M tests models of complex hoist and crane configurations to predict structural design and lifting performance, and makes modifications to the designs to meet the demanding specifications of its clients. Quality is guaranteed; R&M is the only hoist manufacturer that offers the replacement of a hoist if it fails due to defects in workmanship or performance during the first 30 days of ownership. All R&M hoists or hoist gear cases are further protected by a one- or a five-year warranty.

The company manufactures a host of hoists, cranes and bridge drives. Spacemaster® II is a wire rope hoist, built using state-of-the-art modular construction and machined parts. The process ensures consistent quality and ease of manufacture. This particular model provides low headroom and close trolley approach capabilities, allowing use in tighter workspaces, with lift capacities ranging to 50 tons. R&M takes pride in offering custom manufacturing, as well.

Safety First
Safety is a governing force in the manufacture of R&M’s hoists. Spacemaster® II meets and exceeds industry safety standards. Every hoist is factory-inspected and load-tested. In addition, the company includes a weight overload limit switch to every unit. The switch automatically shuts off the hoist when the load is over capacity, allowing it to be lowered but not raised. For the protection of the operator, an upper-limit switch automatically stops the hoisting once the hook block reaches its maximum safe operating height. Additional upper- and lower-geared-limit switches allow adjustments to match special applications and prevent the unraveling of the cable from the drum.

It is this concern for the client that sets R&M apart. The same engineering, however, allows for other important features that extend the life of the hoists. For instance, the Spacemaster® II is equipped with either a fan-cooled or an oil-bathed disc brake to ensure longer brake life; heat-treated gears for power transmission efficiency, smooth starts and stops, and silence; and a gear case that dissipates heat rapidly – all this and all-around ruggedness as well. The Spacemaster® II also boasts a distinct ease of operation and lower maintenance.

The original Spacemaster® departed from the industry’s “stretched” design. Its compact, parallel motor-drum design provides low headroom and close trolley approaches, giving the Spacemaster® the ability to turn wasted space and restricted movement into useful, productive plant capacity. Spacemaster® is available in 5- to 50-ton capacities.

Adaptable Products
Either model can be customized for specific applications, another example of R&M’s client awareness. They can be adapted for use in hazardous locations, modified with a wide range of hoist and trolley speed controls and fitted with special limit switches and other accessories.

The Spacemaster® line also includes crane end trucks and bridge drives, for use in even tighter space situations when lift requirements are lower but a greater height is needed. As with the other R&M Materials Handling products, the availability of many additional and optional features can customize the devices to fit the needs of individual customers.

R&M also produces an electric chain hoist called the LoadMate®, which offers a range of choices for a wide variety of applications. Its compact design affords easy access to all major components, allowing for cost-efficient repair and parts replacement when necessary. Its electromagnetic disc brakes minimize hook drift by bringing the motor to a quick, smooth stop. It also comes with low-voltage controllers with two, four or six buttons, providing quick response, in addition to the emergency stop button that is standard on all models.

Total Customer Service
Parts supply and total customer service are other aspects of R&M Materials Handling, Inc. that put the company ahead of the field. Reliance on high-technological inventory control provides critical scheduling and prompt delivery. Parts and service centers are located throughout North America. Although the company provides an operations, maintenance and spare parts manual with every hoist or crane product sold, often the client needs additional help. A network of independent service technicians can supply the extra 10 percent of support.

For nearly three-quarters of a century, R&M has operated in a highly competitive and technically challenging marketplace, where fast-track product development and competitive advantage are important. Its innovative approach to product design and development, and its attitude toward service and parts supply, has set the company apart from the rest.

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