Volume 11 | Issue 6 | Year 2008

In 1960, Dutch immigrant, Gerrit Jan Rauwers opened a workshop for mechanical repairs. By 1965 the company, G. Jan Rauwers e Filhos, was a specialist producer of agricultural revolving ploughs, and was growing rapidly. In 1970, the company welcomed a new partner, Henricus Rietjens (today the president of Jan) and changed its name to Implementos Agricolas Jan Ltda. At this time, Jan manufactured 15 ploughs a week and employed 60 people.
As it evolved the company brought to market what would become its best-selling machines: the Lancer 5000, for the distribution of calcareous rock and the Arado Subsolador Jumbo (Jumbo Deep Soil Plough).

Today, Jan’s machinery division continues to produce several updated versions of the Lancer Distributor. It also manufactures transport trailers for grain and seed and cutting machinery for maintaining road edges, hedges and weeds. Extensive experience in the design and production of ploughs has resulted in a complete range of ploughing equipment and planters. The company also manufactures metal parts for machinery and divides its business into two areas: implements and components. The components division produces wheels, guillotines, cutters, laser cutters and soldering equipment for industrial use.

Development of these sectors has created new products and partnerships. In addition, an extension of the company’s premises to house an agricultural crane factory is currently in its final stages. The cranes are built for Jan’s partner Argos Guindastes, and will increase the company’s product range by 40 percent. In 2007, Jan also invested in the acquisition of a factory that produces automatic spray equipment and the specialized pump sprays became the latest addition to the company’s machinery line. The components division has also recently formed partnerships with construction companies John Deere and Massey Ferguson to manufacture new and exclusive metal parts.

Investment in its products is vital to Jan. Of the company’s 1,200 staff, a team of 20 engineers work together with agricultural engineers to update and improve existing products, identify needs and new product opportunities in the market and ensure that all equipment adheres to industry guidelines. The company’s operations have been ISO certified since 1998, and were renewed in 2003 (ISO:9001). “We have been in the market for almost 50 years and have learned to adapt and to develop our investments and products,” says Sales Director Claudiomiro dos Santos.

Jan’s successful history guarantees the quality of its machinery and components. As one of Brazil’s largest suppliers of farming equipment and the market leader in the manufacture of grain transportation trailers, Implementos Agricolas Jan S/A remains a firm and stable hand in the market and a reliable partner in the agricultural industry.

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