Additional warehousing space allows GreenSeed to address supply chain disruptions and growing customer needs.

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GreenSeed Contract Packaging (Warehouse Image)

Batavia, IL – GreenSeed Contract Packaging, an external packaging operation serving large and mid-sized consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies while meeting consumer demands, has expanded its footprint at its headquarters just outside of Chicago. The facility, located in Batavia, Illinois, now includes 20,000 square feet dedicated to warehousing.

“One of our core values is to ensure that we foster a growth environment not just for our employees but also for our customers,” said David Gray, CEO of GreenSeed Contract Packaging. “As supply chain disruptions continue, CPG’s need to rely on their partners to navigate these challenges. GreenSeed is well-positioned to keep operations rolling even if trucks are behind schedule.”

As an environmental steward and award-winning contract packaging company, GreenSeed has outfitted the building adjacent to its packaging operations to accommodate the growing need for product warehousing. The facility includes energy efficiencies such as motion-activated lighting and smart temperature control.

“Part of having a growth mindset is understanding that you must be able to take both a proactive and reactive approach to growth. Sometimes, the market dictates your direction; other times, it can inspire innovation and open a gateway for unexpected growth. As a result, our team is constantly cultivating ways to advance,” added Gray.

GreenSeed Contract Packaging prides itself on being a representative of change, raising social, environmental, community and supply chain consciousness. It does this by being active in local and regional business groups, promoting charitable and civic causes, building the region’s workforce, and enhancing its quality of life.

About GreenSeed
GreenSeed [] is a contract packaging company that delivers dependable, quality external packaging operations to large and mid-sized CPG companies who want to maximize growth by bringing premium foods to market safely and efficiently with less waste while meeting consumer demands. Family office owned, GreenSeed is an evergreen business centered around the long-term success of its people, clients, and business strategies. The company’s professionally skilled workforce orchestrates an agile approach using certified processes and practices, data-driven technology, and forward-thinking R&D while focusing on responsible innovation and sustainability. Acting as an extension of its clients’ brands, GreenSeed makes nourishing foods more affordable and accessible to all through social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

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