A review of how to grow your Instagram account effectively.

Let’s face it: Growing your Instagram account from scratch is no easy feat. You have to deal with the content, how to get people to follow you, and even after they follow you, you have to deal with how they engage with your account.

Sure, getting a few likes here and there isn’t all that bad, but is it helping your Instagram account grow?

One of the most important factors to consider when growing your Instagram account is not just about the number of followers you get, but also about the number of Instagram Likes you receive. The number of followers you have on your Instagram account will seem pointless if you are getting little to no engagement from your followers.

Getting more Instagram Likes would also mean getting more exposure since Instagram’s algorithm tend to move your post higher on users’ news feed once it sees that your posts are getting more likes than others. When this happens, you’ll also be able to drive more traffic into your account.

But how exactly will you be able to do these things effectively? We made this guide to help you out, so read on and take advantage of all the benefits.

 1. Avoid buying powerlikes or auto-likes

Or just don’t do it at all. We know it can be so tempting to take this shortcut, but would it really be worth it? Can those “auto powerlikes” be converted into sales? For real people to see your worth, you have to get real people to like you as well.

2. Post eye-catching photos

Posting a high quality and well-thought-out photo is an essential strategy to get your account noticed. You don’t need an expensive professional camera to achieve this; a modern smartphone would suffice. Just make sure that your photo has great lighting, your subject is visible, and it overall looks aesthetically pleasing.

3. Use hashtags that work

Hashtags, when used the right way, can really help your post and give your Instagram account, in general, the boost that it needs. Don’t just put a bunch of random keywords as your hashtag expecting it to drive more people to notice your post. You have to maximize the use of hashtags and do your research. Find out which hashtags are popular within your niche or which hashtags work for your competitors. Also, consider making your own campaign and create a customized hashtag to go with it; this can help your brand identify its voice.

4. Time your posts

In social media, timing is important. Figure out the best times to post your content by finding out when people are usually online. For some, the best times to post would be during lunch break (between 11 am to 1 pm), or in the evenings (from 6 pm to 9 pm), but it will still depend on a lot of factors like your location and your target audience.

5. Create a theme for your feed

By creating a theme through the use of a consistent set of filters, you’ll be able to make a more visually appealing Instagram feed. It’ll also give your account its own identity, and can also help your followers recognize your posts instantly and get more consistent likes.

6. Post relatable quotes

This may sound ridiculous, but posting relatable quotes on Instagram can actually boost engagement. Artsy shots and Instagram-worthy photos are not the only type of content you should be considering. By posting quotes on your account, it allows your followers to be more engaged if they relate to what’s on the photo. They can even tag their friends, or share the post to their Instagram story.

7. Like other users’ posts

One way to initiate engagement is by doing the first move. Let other accounts know that you exist by liking their posts and commenting on their content (in a non-creepy way, of course). Who knows, they might even follow you back and like your posts as well!

8. Write great captions

Aside from posting quality, eye-catching photos, you should also be able to match your content by using highly engaging captions. Some examples of this are by asking questions, giving trivial information, telling a short story, an interesting background about your brand, or by simply posting witty phrases.

9. Take advantage of what’s trending

One useful strategy to do if you want your post to go viral or to gain more likes is by jumping on the bandwagon. People are naturally drawn to what’s currently trending, so make sure you use that to your advantage. Figure out a way on how you can connect your brand to the current hot topic so you can take a piece of the Instagram limelight.

10. Use Instagram Ads

Instead of buying likes and using bots to gain auto-likes, it’s best to make use of Instagram Ads instead. By promoting your posts, you can definitely obtain a wider reach, and be noticed by users who don’t follow you. You can also take advantage of its targeting options, which will give you the power to select a specific audience by optimizing their interests and location.

11. Collaborate with brands and/or influencers

Influencers and Insta-famous accounts may be everywhere, but there are actually a lot of quality influencers out there that can help you boost your sales and drive traffic to your account. Search for the ones with a good reputation, the ones who only post what they actually believe in are not just in it for the money. Also, check if their followers are highly engaged to make sure that their followers are not fake. By collaborating with quality influencers, your brand can also build a reputable image, gain exposure, receive more likes, and hopefully, get more sales.

Getting Instagram Likes can be tricky, especially with our current society that pressures us to have it. But at the end of the day, we have to remember that likes do not define our worth nor the quality of the services we are offering. Sure, Instagram Likes are nice to have, but for business owners, those likes rarely convert to sales. Make sure that you don’t just focus on getting more likes, and eventually forget the other aspects of growing your account. You should also learn how to market your product effectively.

Also, don’t feel too pressured! These tips are not one-size-fits-all, and it takes a lot of planning, strategy, and effort. Take it one day at a time and your brand will eventually get the recognition it deserves. You’ll get there!

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