Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Year 2002

Operators of the most sensitive defense facilities, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing plants and telecommunications centers around the world rely on the quality from GE Zenith Controls. After all, today’s customers expect your business to be up and running every minute of every day. That’s where GE Zenith comes in. The company is the “seven-nines” availability vendor, guaranteeing that its customers will be up and running 99.99999 percent of the time.

For nearly 80 years, GE Zenith has been the leader in the design and manufacture of power systems and controls for mission-critical power operations. Founded in 1923 and located in Chicago, GE Zenith produces automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and engine-generator control systems, which are used in critical applications such as emergency/standby power, co-generation, peak shaving and distributed power generation. The White House, NASA and thousands of hospitals, data centers, military applications, telecommunications facilities, industrial sites and commercial buildings worldwide look to GE Zenith for reliable emergency power switching and control systems. The company provides highly reliable and easy-to-operate systems that meet the demands of the market.

Customers around the world rely on GE Zenith for the most advanced, highest-quality equipment available for uninterruptible power. “We provide power systems consulting, responsive interaction, competitive prices and on-time delivery,” says Tim Cole, the company’s product manager. “We want business with GE Zenith Controls to be worry-free in every way.”

The Lights Stay On
Today, there are many more demands placed on facilities’ energy management systems than ever before. Among the needs for these facilities are:
• Integral control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fire detection, fire suppression and on-site power generation facilities in order to reduce energy usage
• Remote alarm and access requirements, in order to reduce 24-hour manned- facility operation costs
• Flexible designs to meet changes in a facility’s needs

GE Zenith’s state-of-the-art, Cimplicity software-based systems work together with its system-integration approach to controls design to address these needs. “We use the ZNET SCADA system as a sort of human-machine interface to bring together all of a facility’s subsystems and integrate them,” explains Cole. “Depending upon their needs, our engineers are experienced in high-technology control architecture such as synchronous and non-synchronous redundant processor schemes, redundant communications, intelligent I/O, HMI design and many popular industrial network systems.”

GE Zenith is part of GE Industrial Systems, which in turn is a unit of GE, the world’s largest diversified technology, manufacturing and services company. One of GE’s major businesses, GE Industrial Systems is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying the products and service solutions used to distribute, protect and control electrical power and equipment for commercial, industrial, residential and utility applications. GE Industrial Systems is committed to achieving worldwide power switching and control leadership.

“We specialize in helping customers who can’t afford to be without power,” explains Cole. “GE Zenith Controls is the supplier for you. Whether it’s for emergency standby power, mission-critical applications or distributed generation, we have the products you need for reliable on-site power generation.” GE Zenith’s primary products include automatic transfer switches; which transfer loads between two sources of power; and paralleling switchgear, which is used to control multiple on-site generators. Because electric power is essential to the company’s customers, quality is of the utmost importance. “GE’s ISO 9001-registered system provides the maximum in product reliability, and we back everything we make with the most comprehensive warranty programs available,” Cole says. “We also have the experience and expertise to help you with other aspects of emergency power supply and on-site generation.”

Electric Combination
GE Zenith recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Silicon Power Corporation of Exton, Pa. Under the agreement, GE Zenith will market and sell low-voltage static transfer switches (LVSTS) developed and produced by SPCO/GEZ in North America. The product will be available through GE Zenith representatives and GE Industrial Systems’ sales force. In addition, LVSTS products will be serviced under agreements with GE Engineering Services and GE Power Maintenance International, Inc.

“The move will benefit current and prospective customers. We looked for the best technology to be incorporated into our product line,” says Cole. “This agreement broadens our product offering to our power-quality customer base.”

GE Zenith’s complete line of LVSTSs will include UL 1008-labeled switches rated at 208 volts and 480 volts with continuous full load ratings of 100 amperes through 4,000 amperes. Each system features automatic load transfer, bypass and disconnect, redundancy, easily replaceable subunits, multiple sensing times and an alarm. These low-voltage configurations are ideal for e-commerce sites, Internet data centers, computer networks, hospitals and office buildings. Silicon Power and GE Zenith Controls will also join forces to research and develop new products.

At GE Zenith, it’s all about “quality without compromise.” “We’re a one-stop shop for on-site power system needs, and we offer engineering services such as electrical power system analysis and protective device coordination and setting,” says Cole. “Our full range of engineering services includes system design and integration, system coordination studies and fault analysis, load-flow studies, harmonic analysis, dynamic simulation, transient stability and motor starting. Couple that with our focus on customer service, and you have a real powerhouse product line.”

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