Volume 9 | Issue 5 | Year 2006

Would you pay the price of a car for your living room set? Many people do, and Muebles Boal is a Mexican company targeting this market level. A company devoted to manufacturing high-end living-room furniture for the past 30 years, Muebles Boal’s exclusive designs and upholstery are selected by the rich and the famous.

Founded in 1975, the company became a leader in its segment since it decided to switch to a medium, medium-high and high-level market. Two dynamic Mexican businessmen, Carlos Alonso, assistant director, and Mario Presno, general director, saw their business grow from a small store selling appliances and mattresses to an international corporation that exports to the United States, several countries in Central and South America, and the Middle East.

Located in the Southern part of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Muebles Boal’s plant is sited on an approximately 15,000-square-meter property, and includes the production floor, storerooms, show- rooms, and offices.

“The concepts that defines our company and its products are comfort, design, exclusiveness and experience,” said commercial director Mario Raul Presno.
Boal’s models are categorized by their construction and style features.The company manufactures three lines of living-room sets, sofa beds and recliners.
The Collection line is the ultimate experience of softness and comfort, elegance and distinction. Built with a robust structure of ash and prime pine and assembled with the pin-and-glue traditional joint, this line’s spring-set has a double flotation support with the eight-hand-made knots system. The seats cushioning is made with high-resilience 40-kilogram density, 17-pound strength foam lined with 300-gram laminated delcron.

Inner bags filled with goose feather in seats and cushions are decorated with exclusive passementerie and details. The Collection line employs the finest fabrics such as silk, linen, velvets and satins. In addition, some pieces require intensive labor. Normally, each production line will employ six artisans, but unique pieces require best-specialized labor. In those cases, one artisan will carry on the whole process of upholstery, finalizing the perfect piece as a work of art. The piece includes the artisan signature.
The collection names its models after famous artists, writers and men of science such as Carusso, C‚zanne, Dante, Galileo, and Beethoven.

The leather models are manufactured through special treatment for leather pieces. The line ranges from a sober and conservative style to a modern avant-garde style with cushioning on high-density foam seats on a zigzag spring or double-flotation support. “Although the leather line offers a variety of models, the lines are becoming cleaner and almost minimalist, with contemporary looks,” said Presno.

Standard products include models such as the European line that offer exposed carved and lacquered wood with unique finishes and designs. The Classic models feature traditional lines with very rich cushions and fabrics and are easy to combine. The Excellent models are distinguished for the elegance of it designs, fabrics and great comfort while the Juventus models have a juvenile and modern touch, and are ideal for reduced spaces and a demanding taste while providing the highest comfort.

The company produces 10,500 pieces per month working at its full installed capacity. Plans for expansion of the Guadalajara plant are on the way at the same location because of convenience in skilled labor and transportation, only five hours from Mexico City. Its distribution channels range from high-end department stores such as Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, and Sears Mexico to boutiques and special furniture stores, compounding a portfolio of 327 clients.
“Although we have some serious competitors such as the Canadian company Paliser, and Americans Lane and Ashley, our brand name is well-recognized worldwide and has built solid credibility in the world of exclusive furniture, and that feels cushy,” Presno concluded.

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