June 23, 2019

No matter how organized, hard working and determined you are, packing up and moving is always a huge task. It takes a lot of time and effort, it’s stressful; basically, it’s one big headache!

If you are feeling reckless (or brave) you may think doing every single thing yourself is a good idea, but while there are definitely ways to cut corners to save cash-packing your own boxes, for example), actually planning to move your worldly belongings without the help of a professional mover isn’t one of them.

Organizing everything yourself means:

  • Hiring the right size truck – perhaps from a company that lets you drop it off at another point if you are relocating to a place considerably further away.
  • Taking time out of your schedule to load everything yourself, (perhaps aided by willing family and friends).
  • Providing refreshment for helpers
  • Organizing insurance for the truck and the contents
  • Actually driving the truck to the new destination
  • Unloading everything yourself, (if you move a long way it’s less likely anyone extra can be around at the other end to help.)

There are lots of benefits to hiring a moving company when you relocate, and here we look at ten of them.

Benefit 1 – It’s less stressful

You go to an expert when you want your car fixed or your hair styled for a reason – that you can relax and feel comfortable you now you have experts taking care of things, and the same applies to moving home. If you have children and pets to manage there’s time to do that without taking on the role of relocation manager and all the responsibility that brings.

Benefit 2 – Hiring professionals saves time

Loading a truck you hired yourself is time consuming, and it’s heavy work so unless you are super fit it means taking plenty of breaks and not overdoing things. Of course, you hire a truck by the day or hour, so the pressure to get done in time adds to the stress, especially when you get to the new location and have everything to unload.

Benefit 3 – Movers have the right equipment

You can’t just throw large items into a truck and drive away, they need to be lifted in and then secured to avoid anything falling once you are n the move. Professional movers are equipped to deal with these things.

Benefit 4 – Movers are insured

You could probably find a short term insurance policy to cover moving, but this is more expense to absorb, and it may have lots of terms and conditions attached. Professional movers have comprehensive insurance policies which cover all of your belongings.

Benefit 5 – Your health is protected

Lifting heavy furniture and boxes properly is something people train how to do, so why risk puling a muscle, or worse, putting your back out?

Benefit 6 – Hiring a mover can be cost effective

Don’t be fooled by only looking at the bottom line, instead compare the cost of the moving company’s fee again at the cost of hiring the truck, (possibly for an extended time as you are obviously going to be slower than the experts), insurance for the truck, and of course, the cost of gas, and you may be surprised by the comparison.

Benefit 7 – Your belongings are safer

We already mentioned that professional movers know how to load a truck, and have the right equipment to move heavy items into it Thy are also experts in the Jenga jigsaw puzzle that allows them to fit every item, whether large and bulky, awkwardly shaped, or boxed, into what seems like an impossibly small space.

Benefit 8 – Your household goods are organized

Professional movers have lots of experience, and so long as you have clearly labeled packing boxes and non-boxed items with their destination room/space they will remove and pack them into the truck in a logical order. Once at the new place the moving people will unload and place items into the areas they are meant to be in. Of course, it’s possible that your family and friends lending a hand would do the same thing, but they may not have the experience when packing the truck up, and it’s one more ask at the other end that you may feel guilty about imposing.

Benefit 9 – You don’t need to drive a truck

Unless you have experience driving a truck that is bigger than your usual vehicle could easily be a stressful experience. Even pulling a trailer takes special skills you may not even know anything about. This gets more critical the further you have to travel, and gets complicated if you need to stay overnight at least once on the trip from old place to new. Hiring a company, say from this moving companies list removes all that’s stress, leaving you free to either drive yourself, or fly to your new location.

Benefit 10 – There are usually add-on services available

It’s not unusual for there to be a period of time between needing to leave one property and being able to move into the new one. This can happen say if your current tenancy expires but a house purchase is not quite ready, and while you may be able to stay in a hotel or crash with friends for that time it’s not practical to take a truckload of furniture, appliances, clothes and other items with you too.

This kind of situation means hiring storage space for a while, and if that’s the case you may find the moving company can offer that at competitive rates. It’s a better solution than hauling everything you own to a lock-up, to have it unloaded then re-loaded again shortly afterwards.

As you can see, there are plenty of plus points to hiring a moving company when you relocate, so why not make everything easier and do that?

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