Discover the most promising Bitcoin business ideas that will help make money. Learn how to use blockchain to reinvent leading industries.

After the fuss around Bitcoin subsided, everyone started to look at blockchain technology from different angles. Today, blockchain is not only about cryptocurrency. You can utilize blockchain for different purposes in different industries.

A lot of new projects have arisen, such as a Bitcoin futures platform, fraud prevention systems, and much more. This article covers the best blockchain business ideas for startups in 2021 and beyond.

Crypto Recommendation Platform

The recent spike in Bitcoin price indicates that a lot more people will be willing to invest in crypto this year.

Building a strong crypto portfolio is challenging if not risky. That’s why investors are looking for platforms that provide information about reliable and safe services for cryptocurrency trading. A great example is this platform, offering a list of such services for cryptocurrency trading, which you can view via the link:

Such a platform is a great business idea for a startup. If you don’t know how to create it yourself, you can use the services of custom software development by MLSDev, a company that has experience in building blockchain-based projects. Such a company will help you choose the right tech stack and assist in development. MLSDev also provides QA outsourcing, so you can be assured that the released solution will run smoothly on any device while providing high performance.

Examples: Safetrading, Bitdegree

eCommerce: Customer Loyalty Programs

eCommerce can once again benefit from blockchain integration by creating advanced customer loyalty programs.

You can either create your own token or use an existing one to reward customers for product reviews, referrals, purchases, and other actions. Such tokens can be exchanged for goods in your own shop if you decide to create your own token or in other stores if you choose to rely on already existing tokens.

Examples: Momentum, American Express, and Boxed.

Crypto Exchanges

One of the possible business ideas is to create a crypto exchange where sellers and buyers could conduct their business. Such an exchange can provide users with the ability to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with fiat money, exchange crypto for crypto or for fiat money, and vice versa.

Such a crypto exchange can increase its value by providing users with additional useful information, such as a list of the best Ethereum wallets or crypto market predictions.

Examples: Coinbase, Binance, Bisq.

Accept Crypto Payments

Are you already running a business selling products or services? You can take it a step further by accepting crypto payments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Accepting crypto might be a good idea for companies specializing in ancillary cannabis goods or medicine, since many regular payment solutions, PayPal included, don’t provide support for such organizations. It’s possible to create your own crypt payment gateway or to use one of the existing solutions.

Examples: Payment21, BitPay, CoinGate.

Crypto Gambling Platform

Lack of transparency is one of the main disadvantages of the online gambling platform. Such platforms are showing significant growth and rise in demand each year.

Aside from transparency in all wins and losses, such platforms enable anonymity, which is especially important for some gamblers. By integrating such a platform with an exchange platform, it’s possible to create a platform where gamblers can not only put bets but to buy cryptocurrency if they run out of it.

Examples: 1xBit, BitcoinCasino.

Bitcoin Vending Machines

The incorporation of cryptocurrency in everyday life is slow but steady. One of the business ideas that you can explore and that has a low threshold is building a network of Bitcoin vending machines.

Since such machines don’t need to process cash, they are much smaller in size, thus making it easier to find stores and cafes willing to install such machines. Vending machines can offer different types of products, from drinks and snacks to souvenirs and other small products.

Examples: Beer vending machines by Civic and Anheuser-Busch, Aeguana, ZaZZZ.

Digital Wallet Platform

A digital wallet is a software solution that allows cryptocurrency owners and traders to access their cryptocurrency with the help of a private key.

Such digital wallets also allow for different crypto operations, such as receiving and sending crypto to other users. It’s a great business idea if you are just entering the market of cryptocurrency startups.

Examples: Trezor, Ledger, Coinbase, Mycelium.

Crypto Crowdfunding Website

One of the possible Bitcoin business ideas is to start a cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform and bring cryptocurrency fund-raising into the real world. Through the platform, users would be able to back innovative projects with different sorts of cryptocurrency and for startups to find wider support from the community.

Examples: Crypstart, Fundsurfer, CryptoCrowding.

Cryptocurrency Charity

If you are interested in helping society and making a difference in it, consider creating a charity that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For existing charity organizations, crypto can help raise even more funds for their needs.

Examples: Savethechildren, BitHope.

Decentralized Cloud Storage

The distributed ledger is suitable for storing important information while protecting it from forgery, unauthorized changes, and hacker attacks resulting in data loss.

As a more advanced option, it’s possible to allow clients to rent out unused storage space in a peer-to-peer manner. Such an approach benefits your customers since they can enjoy highly secure information exchange and storage while making money on unused resources.

Examples: Storj, Sinovate, Sia.

Bottom Line

Blockchain has already become the technology of today and the future.

The real power of blockchain is yet to be disproved. The areas of its use are limitless, including but not limited to finance, insurance, real estate, data storage and exchange, fraud protection, copyright protection, and others.

Implementation of a blockchain-based project should start with thorough research of the market and finding the right vendor that will help turn the idea into a real project. Get inspired by real projects, look at them from a new angle, and use a fresh approach to solving the problem.

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