November 19, 2019

For e-commerce businesses, having the right packaging materials to meet order demand can be a huge hassle and end up being one of the largest costs. Step into the average e-commerce warehouse and you will usually find stacks of boxes in various sizes to anticipate orders, cluttering the workplace and taking up masses of valuable space.

As technology develops, the opportunities for brands of all sizes to streamline their packaging and shipping processes are constantly improving. To keep up with the competition, impress your consumers, and maintain a smooth supply chain, invest in the latest box making machine to take back complete control of your packaging production and design.

Here are some of the main ways that box making machinery can completely revolutionise business’ supply chains…

Take control

First and foremost, box making machines allow brands to control their own packaging, from the design of boxes, to the sizes, and volume produced. With there being no need to rely on third parties for the supply of boxes, businesses can take all the responsibility and produce boxes immediately as orders come through. Using a box making machine means there’s no need to compromise and settle for the use of boxes that aren’t branded or aren’t quite the right size for your products.

Kolbus AutoBox box making machines are designed to suit businesses of all sizes. Their Autobox machinery allows brands to suit the individual needs of each and every consumer, reduce wasted packaging materials and minimise costs. Brands can optimise their supply chain by both easily and quickly producing cardboard boxes on demand, as and when they’re required.

Smooth operation

The worry when taking your packaging production in-house, is whether it’s possible to keep up with demand. With a box making machine, this is simply not an issue. Box making machines are easy to operate, meaning your staff can maintain smooth box production with minimal interruptions or delays.

Box Making Machine, Industry Today
Kolbus Autobox’s AutoBox AB machine in action, allowing for over 100 variations in sizes and unique box printing at high volumes.

Meet unique demands

On demand box making is revolutionary in many ways, with the main benefit arguably being the ability to suit the individual needs of each consumer. The Kolbus AutoBox machines allow for over 100 different variations of cardboard boxes, so you can put your consumers first and provide packaging that suits each product. Don’t let your brand’s reputation be impacted by using pre-made boxes that don’t protect your products or represent your brand. Unique and high-quality e-commerce packaging is one way for businesses to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Minimise environmental impact

Cardboard accounts for almost half of all packaging waste produced across Europe. In today’s society, customers appreciate and value brands that are environmentally aware and make conscious efforts to minimise their impact. The appearance of your packaging is one thing, but consumers are becoming increasingly aware of whether brands are considering their sustainability when shipping goods.

Box making machines allow brands to produce boxes that are the perfect size for each product, meaning there are no excess materials and your business’ carbon footprint can be heavily reduced. It’s no longer acceptable for brands to ignore their impact on the environment and the amount of waste they produce – box making machinery is one of many ways for companies to make a conscious effort.

Reduce costs

Shipping costs are a huge factor for every business that sells physical products. It goes without saying, but the bigger your shipments, the higher your costs will be. To manage your outgoings and increase your ROI, you should aim to use packaging boxes that are as compact as possible.

A box making machine completely alleviates the issue of having correct box sizes, allowing you to choose a size, shape and design that suits each product being shipped. Using correctly sized boxes can reduce shipping costs on a long-term basis and eliminate other additional costs like packaging fillers, to boost your overall ROI.

Who can benefit from box making machines?

Box making machines are designed to suit businesses at all stages of the supply chain, from large box plants themselves to in-house end users. Whether a brand requires a simple short run machine that gives them the freedom to create branded boxes in unique sizes and shapes, or a business needs a complete box making system with an auto-feed to completely automate the process. These machines can provide supply chains with just what they need to run smoothly and reliably.

Barry Tabor Kolbus Autobox, Industry Today
Barry Tabor

About the Author
Barry Tabor is the Managing Director of Kolbus AutoBox, the UK’s leading manufacturer of box making, printing, and gluing machinery. Barry has decades of experience in the short run box making market, with Kolbus AutoBox now providing packaging solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide. Kolbus AutoBox were awarded the Queen’s award for enterprise for their contribution to international trade in 2016. Visit for more information on their products and achievements.

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