A clean and sanitary environment reflects on how well you treat clients and employees.

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Your bathroom is probably the most overlooked part when it comes to constructing and remodeling your business premises. After all, it’s one of the most important parts of your office that’s often subjected to other people’s scrutiny. Everyone has to use the bathroom, so making sure your customers have a clean and comfortable environment when going to the loo is a key part of every business’ success. First impressions always last and you’d want to make sure your customers aren’t disappointed when they go to your bathroom. An unattractive or dirty restroom can scare your customers away for good—and when you lose customers, you’re losing money.

Having a bathroom remodel can help encourage your customers to come back to your office or business premises and continue to do business with you since a clean and sanitary environment can reflect how well you treat your clients. When remodeling your office bathroom, consider using an industrial design, which focuses more on functionality by having utilitarian mirrors or taking cues from old factories that have been converted into living spaces. You can plan the layout of the bathroom, the fixtures you want to use, and mix it up with other interior design trends. This will assure that your bathroom is comfortable and looks good for both your customers and employees, which can make them feel that you care for them enough to make them feel comfortable.

How Industrial Bathroom Remodels Influence Businesses

1. Customers Will Keep Coming Back

It’s no secret that customers will return to your business more often if they feel comfortable there. Having a nasty or unattractive bathroom can cost your business money by keeping customers from coming back. Not only that but if you have a dirty bathroom, customers will come into your business with one goal in mind: leave before they have to use the bathroom. So, having a bathroom remodel will not only impress your customers, but will make them feel right at home.

2. Happier Employees

Your employees spend an extended amount of time at your business, and some even see their job as their second home. Having a clean and comfortable bathroom is an extremely important part of maintaining happy employees. Renovating your bathroom might even help improve productivity since employees will feel that they’re being taken care of.

3. Boost Your Business Image

As mentioned earlier, first impressions last the longest. Having an unsanitary bathroom can give customers a negative vibe and, in turn, give your business a negative image. You can have the best-looking building in the city, but that won’t mean anything if your bathroom is unattractive. This is because customers usually associate the cleanliness of your bathroom with the cleanliness of your entire business. This is especially true when it comes to restaurants. Most people won’t think revisit a restaurant if they find the bathrooms to be unattractive.

4. Reduces Customer Complaints

It is known that clean restrooms result in more satisfied customers, which leads to fewer complaints against your business. In today’s age, all it takes is one person making a bad comment about your business to ruin it and keep others from coming back. Negative comments about businesses spread like wildfire if not approached properly. Clean and comfortable restrooms show workers and customers that you care, which can also lead to good reviews, thereby generating more clients in the process. Clean bathrooms will also make your clients feel more comfortable, which can encourage them to invest more time and money on your business.

5. Healthier Work Environment

Bathrooms are made for one purpose: help us get rid of our body’s waste. When we eat, our body doesn’t absorb everything as some of this waste can be toxic to our bodies and harmful to our health. That said, having a dirty bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Making sure your bathroom is kept nice and clean will provide a healthier environment for your clients to do their business in. This is also why having a regular schedule for cleaning the bathroom is important. Having your bathroom remodeled would be useless if it’s not kept sanitary from day one.


Your bathroom is an important part of your business that customers usually scrutinize. This is why it’s important to make sure your bathroom is always clean and looking its best. Remodeling your bathroom with an industrial design can help increase its functionality and bring your business back to life. Choosing the right fixtures, layout, and having a regular cleaning schedule can encourage your customers to come back to your business premises, thus bringing in more revenue.

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