Useful information on how leading industries reduce workplace accidents and keep their employees safe.

Whether you work in construction, business or you’re in hospitality, accidents in the workplace happen. And as a business owner or CEO, the responsibility of keeping your employees safe is yours. It’s easy to implement plenty of training and specific safety requirements especially in high-risk roles such as construction or factory environments, but it’s worth remembering that accidents can happen within any trade and it’s often human error that is the leading cause of injuries at work.

As an employer, the last thing you want is a reduction in your workforce numbers because of reoccurring accidents and illness, or subsequent personal injury complaints against you. For construction accident lawyers in Newark, click the link.

So, with this in mind, we’ve gathered some useful information on how leading industries reduce workplace accidents and keep their employees safe.

Invest in high-quality signage

Reminders throughout your business premises can help reinforce your current health and safety measures and procedures. If something specific needs to be practiced in a certain area – such as washing hands or wearing safety equipment – place reminders in those areas. You can also warn staff of potential risks such as low ceilings, uneven flooring and steps.

Update your training procedures

Safety training should be a crucial element of any new intake of employees. Regular and refresher training should also occur frequently. Ensuring that all employees know how to operate machinery safely and how to keep themselves safe and comfortable with safety procedures is vital to protecting them and your business. If you find that certain issues keep arising, consider updating your training to make the procedure easier to understand and implement.

Create an open and honest work culture

If employees are comfortable with speaking to you about their issues, they’re more likely to make you aware of safety issues in the workplace. Create an open and honest work culture by encouraging your employees to speak to you or their supervisors about dangers and any potential changes that could be made. Welcome ideas and feedback!

Give them good equipment

Take care of your employees by providing them with the very best in safety equipment. If your employees know that you genuinely care for their safety, then the happier and more respected they’ll feel. From safety gloves and eyewear to high-visibility jackets, fully equipped first aid stations, harnesses etc. Do regular audits to ensure that all equipment is in good condition and again, encourage staff to recommend and give feedback on anything that could make their tasks safer and easier.

Ensure everything is reported

Of course, despite all these implementations, accidents can and will happen. Encourage employees to be transparent about incidents in the workplace and to record any injury or incident that occurs. These logs can highlight reoccurring issues and make it easier for you to reduce the likelihood of them happening again.

Finally…regular health and safety audits

Engaging in regular health and safety audits allows another professional to come in and assess your workplace, safety of employees, your legislation and policies. It’s a simple yet effective way to protect your employees and your business.

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