Within 30 days of moving their communications, sales pipe-line, and leads management to LionO360 CRM, Lunex began seeing results.

About the Company

Lunex Telecom, founded in 2004, is an FCC licensed international telecom provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. Lunex is the pioneer in PIN-Less calling plans which progressively replaced the traditional international calling cards as the preferred choice for international calling. Their diverse offering of products combined with innovative technologies make Lunex a front-runner in the prepaid telecom industry.

The Challenge

Lunex is a global company with more than 70 carriers interconnected, 330 mobile destinations, with a presence in 114 countries, and over 55 U.S. operators. While continuing to experience worldwide growth, they were missing critical organization, transparency, clarity, and visibility into the company’s sales and support operations. Lunex needed a CRM solution that not only offered deeper insights and visibility into these departments, but one that also brought together all the critical information their sales and support teams needed in a single place that flowed seamlessly and improved efficiency.

The Solution

In July 2019, after reviewing several CRM solutions in the marketplace, including Salesforce and Sugar CRM, Lunex selected LionO360. Lunex was especially interested in mobile enabled features for field service, particularly LionO360’s route management functions. Lunex was also impressed by the simplicity and performance of LionO360’s customizable dashboard. Currently, the company is using LionO360’s CRM sales management solution with optional features for troubleshooting customer cases. Lunex also leverages LionO360’s Activity Stream for company announcements, one-on-one and group chats, information sharing, agendas and more – a feature that was especially useful during the COVID-19 quarantine. According to Lunex EVP, Aric Johnson, they ultimately selected LionO360 for its “exceptional service, attention to client details and needs, and cost-effectiveness.”

The Results

Within 30 days of moving their communications, sales pipe-line, and leads management to LionO360 CRM, Lunex began experiencing multiple benefits. They streamlined interactions, conversations, and programs between their sales and support teams and customers, as well as, made the ongoing management of these activities more efficient. Through LionO360, Lunex was able to focus and concentrate their sales and support efforts on initiatives that generated the greatest return. By having the solution to see all of the sales and support information they needed in one location, Lunex teams were able to reduce internal sales meetings and calls by 25 percent and reallocate those hours to external sales activities, which has led to increased profitability for the company.

About LionO360
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