Mobile technology is a viable option in a crisis.


It has been estimated that over 65.6 million people alone were displaced from their residences during 2016 because of natural disasters. For all the people who are facing challenges and emergencies, the use of mobile technology is a viable option for resolving their problems and technology crisis.

Faster Communication

With the use of mobile technology, you can come in direct contact with your loved-ones when facing an emergency. You can use your mobile-internet for informing your loved ones about your condition in an uncertain situation. As the telecommunication companies around the world have involved them in larger projects, the quality of mobile network signals has also improved. For instance, Vodafone Company has provided portable solutions to its customers. The Instant Network Mini offers area coverage for more than 1km, data backup, solar panel, and six-hour battery timing. If you are a student and looking for assignments on mobile technology, then you can pay for essays using your mobile phone.

Predict Future Demand

The future demand for mobile technology is increasing as the world’s total population is increasing exponentially. Besides, the poverty level among different regions of the world is also rising with time. It also means that there will be more displaced people than ever. In such a situation, the deployment of mobile technology on a large scale is the need of the society. The mobile companies need to collaborate with local and global communities for developing a robust infrastructure and support system so that the people can be provided with immediate relief in emergencies. Students can ask professionals to write my essay for getting good grades in assignments related to mobile technology. With professional services, you can be assured of maintaining good academic records in coursework. Also, you will be able to contact the customer support personnel if you require any help. You can communicate the exact instructions of the assignment with the writer directly. Besides, you will have the option to get unlimited revisions done on the assignment as long as you feel unsatisfied with the assignment’s quality.

Humanitarian cash transfers

The robotics is the best future technology which can be deployed by government institutions and private organizations for dealing with the technological crisis. They can be deployed easily during a natural calamity situation for providing immediate relief to the affected people. Humanitarian organizations like Airtel and MTN are adopting new methods for delivering assistance to the people in trouble through online cash transfers. The particular aid is offered by non-profit organizations like Mercy Corps and DanChurchAid to refugees so that they can meet their needs.


Wireless networks have played a significant role in establishing fast communication between electronic components and computers for providing support to the affected people. Over 1.1 billion individuals around the world do not have access to electricity. In an emergency, these people can communicate with humanitarian organizations through their mobile networks. The mobile services like “Pay-As-You-Go” provide the people with an option to get an advance balance in their mobile phones. Such services help humanitarian organizations in crisis management and minimizing the impact of damages during a catastrophic incident.

Useful Mobile Apps

Useful Mobile Apps, Industry Today

The future in technology is very much fascinating than it is now. A humanitarian organization can quickly develop an app for crisis management after the occurrence of an emergency incident. Several apps that are already available in Play Store like What3Words and TRACERX enable the people to get help in an emergency. With these apps, the person’s location can be communicated with the company that is providing relief to the affected people. The necessary goods in sufficient quantity can be delivered in the area that has been affected by the catastrophic event. The mobile apps can facilitate the people in an emergency and provide them with the necessary help. Besides, faster communication is possible between the affected person and their loved ones. They receive immediate and quick relief services which help them in recovering from their illness and injuries soon. It is a feasible and reliable option available to people to use mobile apps during a crisis incident.

Understanding and interpreting data for better responses

The future crisis can be dealt efficiently through proper planning and interpreting the available data related to previous emergency events. The mobile technology can be used for collecting relevant data and improving future responses. The people’s movements can be monitored through mobile devices and help the humanitarian’s organization is in understanding the user’s data patterns.

Ensuring network operability and reliability is crucial

The telecommunication and humanitarian companies need to ensure that there is a presence of strong mobile network in an emergency. It will allow the people affected from an emergency incident to get quick help. Also, they will be able to establish quick communication with their families during a sudden catastrophic incident. The mobile companies need to establish network towers in large quantity in different areas so that the public can receive uninterrupted service.

SMS and voice can provide an essential information

The voice messages and SMS text are a reliable source of transmitting information to other people in scenarios where you need immediate assistance. The mobile technology allows companies to communicate with people in the following ways:

  • Allow people to communicate with their loved ones in a crisis
  • Providing an opportunity to aid and humanitarian staff to send text or Voice message about warning situation
  • Converting mobile devices into local hotspots so that numerous people can connect with the internet and ask for help in crucial situations

Preparations and contingency plans

Based on the available information about the past emergency and catastrophic events that have occurred in a particular area, a contingency plan can be developed. It allows humanitarian organizations to develop a plan for overcoming any disruptive event that may occur in the future. In the presence of a backup system, the communications between people can remain uninterrupted in an uncertain situation.

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Here you go, these are the suggestions which humanitarian organizations can follow for providing relief to the people in emergencies. The mobile technology helps the organization is in providing necessary assistance to the affected people. The use of mobile technology is expected to grow manifold in the coming decades.

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