A look at the way businesses can protect their properties from hiring a security company to installing security lights and cameras.

Vandalism is a serious issue that costs businesses millions of dollars every year. It can range from something as benign as having an offensive message written on your walls to your business being broken into. Because some businesses hold millions of dollars in inventory, there is a need to ensure these businesses are protected from vandalism. How can business owners do that? Well, below are some tips that can help.

Hire a Security Company

Hiring a security guard or a security company to watch your business when you are away or past normal business hours is one of the best ways to ensure your business is not vandalized. To keep costs low, you can pool resources with other businesses in your area to hire one company to look after all your businesses and properties.

Install Security Lights

Vandals are less likely to act if they know they will be seen committing a crime. Installing security lights is a good way to deter vandals and keep your property safe. To ensure everything works as intended, you can choose to hire a company to do regular night time inspections.

During these inspections, they can check which lights are working and which are not. They can also check to see if you have dark areas in your property’s vicinity where vandals could hide. Many of these contractors will come up with a report on any problems they see and an estimate of how much it will cost to have everything fixed and working properly.

Add Automatic Deterrence Systems

Electricity can be quite expensive so keeping security lights running all night is not an option for most business owners. To solve this problem, you can install automatic, motion-sensing lights. These lights come on when someone gets close to your property and they can be a good way to deter criminals if they think they are being watched once the lights come on.

Automatic security alarms are also a good option for businesses that can afford them. These work similarly to the automatic lights and sound when an intruder is within range. They can also be wired to send a signal to the police or a security company so they can come to inspect the property if the alarms go off.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras have been shown to be very good at deterring criminals. Although it may be tempting to install cameras where they may not be seen easily, security cameras that can be spotted work as a much better deterrent. Vandals do not want to be recorded committing a crime and will often leave the property if they know they will be caught on camera.

Establish Your Business in a Safe Area

If your business’s security is very important to you, it is a good idea to establish your business in an area that has low crime rates. The reason why this is the last option is that these properties might be a lot more expensive and can cost more than all the other measures mentioned above in the long run.

Every business owner must do everything they can to ensure their business is not vandalized. Even though the security measures you put in place might be expensive now, they could save you millions of dollars down the line.

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