January 8, 2019

Branding and packaging can be blended with engagements, expectations, and emotions. Branding encompasses customer participation and mission. It comprises communications, products and web presence. An excellent method of branding is considered as the utmost prevailing currency that any business can have which remains as the most competitive advantage. Customers purchase products considering their emotional connection with the brand of the commodity as well as their story.

The Role of Packaging in Building Brand Identity

“Packaging strategy is an essential component in creating the identity and image of a brand,” explains Dave Taylor, Brand Manager at APA Writing Service. Any company marketing its products to customers functions from this model. This is equally true for the viable marketplace. In any product, packaging offers a great opportunity in positively impacting the image of a brand. However, one thing that stands in almost all companies is that packing is not significant since many consumers order their products through a catalog. This is because they don’t require the package to sell the commodity at a retail shop. According to Cody Fynn, Production & Packaging Manager at ConfidentWriters, selling is, however, considered as the first purpose that packaging offers. Additionally, packaging provides four other main functions that affect the brand of a product.

The expression identity of a brand

In case a brand or product leads in the category or industry, the packaging strategy from beauty products and sleek health to practical chemical drums should show that position. High quality design, distinctive printing which supports unique materials as well as the branding approach can assist in engaging customers and distinguish a certain brand and product the congested products.

Building relationship

“Packaging is one of the key components in establishing the relationship between a customer and the brand, especially after the product has been sold,” notes Claudia Newberry, Packaging Designer at Example Papers. For example, the type of packaging used in products like office supply commodities and toothbrushes will profoundly influence the manner in which the product is perceived any time it is in use. The question that remains constant in the mind of any consumer is whether the commodity is appealingly pleasing or not as well as its influence in their lives. A positive response to those questions could inspire loyalty and raise the number of consumers who have the will to pay for the commodity.


An excellent package approach makes it easy for information to be obtained. If the required information is not accessed by the buyer, the product is not likely to impress the consumer, thus decreasing its value. In cases of commercial cleaning commodities, the packaging is considered insignificant. However, the product must communicate in many languages. It should inform on its usage and how the product differs from other products which serve the same purpose. Generating an understanding with a product reduces frustrations, helps to build loyalty and makes life easier for the customer.


If a product is marketed over the customer’s channels, then the package remains as the last chance to be able to convince a customer to buy the product. In commercial packaging, the part of selling is more refined since the next purchase is being sold. If the end consumer regularly interacts with the initial package, the company has the chance to develop favorability between its customers and the brand every time the commodity is used.


The condition and appearance of a commodity, when it reaches the consumer, highly influence their opinion of the brand. If, in any case, the package is crushed, torn or defective in any way, then the brand will develop less confidence. This applies in any product including fruits, toner cartridge or even a can of fruits. It is exceptionally essential to consider proper branding of products that require shipping and repackaging in cases of online selling.

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